Thursday, July 22, 2010

A view of our little tiny itty bitty piece of a Garden ..

A view of our teenie tiny garden.....

I think it's the tiniest yard we have ever had let me re-phrase that "it is the tiniest yard" we have ever had.

But it's sweet ..that is when my piles of stuff aren't back there to mess it all up.

Last week we were standing in the kitchen ...this old door was leaned just perfectly in front of the kitchen window ....It framed the view of our garden and the lake that is behind us ..ever so sweetly !

I can't remember a time that we haven't loved birds ..this wonderful Martingale house as they are called in the midwest ...we attatched to an antique turned wood house post and it stands high peeking through our little pine tree. We brought this Martingale house back from MO ..from many years back when we lived there's a little piece of our home and memories there that we won't ever part with ..the Sentimental Value is just too great !

Along the way ..we found this cute Umbrella Bird feeder at a sale ...and it hangs beautifully from the shepeards hook ...the birds lite there throughout the day and peck at the seed and fill there little bellies with God's sweet Manna ...

Another reminder of our Days of living in MO is the Beautiful Metal Garden Arbor ...Yes we bought it there ..In Riverview Antique Mall ...and carried it all the way back to CA's only gotten better with age and it's another piece I'm afraid will stay with us for a very long time ...inside it is our charming old bird bath ...and oh how the birdies love it ..they bathe in the afternoon ..flitting and twisting and wriggling about ..getting all their feathers dusted in water droplets ...and then fly away so refreshed ...It's always fun to see 5 or 10 of them bathing together ...It puts a smile on our face everytime ..

This fun piece the "tower" as it is referred to around here ..I recently purchased at a sale wasn't in the best shape ..and Papa Fred ..diligently worked to restore it and gave it a fresh new coat of white paint and it is so so beautiful now. I had plans for it ..but he loves putting his geranium on top for now it's his ..Since this picture he's added 2 shelves and put 2 more plants inside it ..which looks so lovely ...

I didn't realize when we took pictures that so many of our favorite pieces in the Garden are from our days of living in MO ironic that so many are ..

This Stained glass window was a dear little find we got on a trip we took north one day to Kansas City ...
When we lived in Mo ...making a Kansas City Trip for Antiquing was actually a frequent trip for us. having grown up in CA ..we are so used to commuting ..that 3 hours north was like a bad day in traffic going to L.A. ... so the open road Traffic ..and all that Beauty was just a hop skip and jump away to us.

Meet Shelly ...He's our oversized Turtle ...that really is such a Great Pet ..Our Pet Hose Holder .

Yes Shelly made his way home with us about 4 years ago .. a trip to Target and we found him all lonely in the garden center and no less they had put him on clearance ..well here we are 4 years later and still attatched to him.

These sweet little daisies grace the arm of our adirondack chair ...and were smiling beautiful to say ..won't you take a picture of me today !!!

Lastly ...The Roses ...have been blooming out beautifully this year ..Overall we have had a milder summer than usual ..and I think the Roses are smiling more this year. Their branches have been loaded with Beautiful Fragrant Blooms's been a delight to see the yard lit up with so many this year ...
Our David Austen Rose ..that I have forgotten the name of ..It's a gorgeous Pink Cottage Rose ..and although this variety is not fragrant ..the blooms it gets are outstanding. I love the way the petal feel when I run my fingers over them ..or when you touch an open bloom to your cheek's like a velvet that cannot be reproduced by any other way than Nature itself.

I think God did an amazing job creating Nature ..I stand in Awe !

Well thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at our itty bitty garden ..Oh there's plenty more to share that we have tucked in here and there ..but I'll save that for another post to share with you down the road.

Have a Lovely week ..and I'll be back real soon chat with you all ..

Blessings ..Sara


  1. Hey there! I hope you are feeling good and that your feet are treating you well... I love the garden goodies, i reallly lovelovelove the tower.


  2. It's beautiful!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Just found your blog & love it. I am one of the owners of a shop in Ozark MO, so it was fun seeing the Mo. things you moved with you. Jan

  4. Hi Sara! It was so great to meet you guys at the Urban Barn. I just love this post. That big iron arbor is just fantastic. I think I'd haul that anywhere I moved to! And that stained glass window, it just looks like open hilly scenery.

    Hope you have a great week ladies!


  5. Sara your garden is stunning! I can see just sitting peacefully sipping some tea ;)


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