Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wishing a Happy Mother's Day .....

Happy Mother's Day ...

The hardest yet most rewarding Job on Earth.

I send you all a Bouquet of Flowers ..for the sweet Love that you pour out upon your children they God Given through Birth ..Adopted through divine Blessing ..or you have been blessed with a furry companion ...

This Picture has always reminded me of myself ..From the time I was a child all I ever wanted was a Big Dog to play with ..Love and Hug on ..and well today I have two that I pour out my love on ..My Children best Friends ..My life is better because of them..God Blessed me immensly with my Maggie and my Scout. Unfailing Love is what they are !

This Picture is my Dream ...and the reality of many of you out there ..those precious days of holding a new born baby to your breast ..felling them breath ..seeing the twinkle of their eyes ...and the grasp of their hands ..counting their toes ..and dressing them in sweet baby clothes ..God's Precious Gift ...emphasis on Precious ..What a Gift to be given ..through natural birth or adoption .. ..

May all of your Mother's have God's blessings Bestowed on you for the Beautiful Job you have done no means is a Mother's job easy ..It's the hardest job on Earth ...!!!

Blessings Dear Friends ...


  1. Hi sweet Sara,
    What a very beautiful and heartfelt post!!! I love the pretty pink basket full of beautiful pink flowers and the two vintage images are so SWEET!!! I am blessed to be a momma to my sweet son, and to two fur babies, Mr. Poppy and Miss Pearl. I am so thankful for them all, and I am so thankful God blessed you with your sweet fur babies… Maggie and Scout. Oh yes, they give unfailing love!

    Have a wonderful week sweet friend!
    Love, Paula

  2. Hi, thought everyone would like to stop by and see my beautiful mother's bridal photo, that I posted for Mother's Day. It is so pretty!
    Come say hi!

  3. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!!

  4. Such a sweet post!
    I've enjoyed browsing this evening at all your creative!


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