Sunday, May 23, 2010

Farmhouse Romance Pillows ....

Finally ....I'm getting time to get some of our new line of Farmhouse Romance Pillows listed ..

It seems time is always against me and there is always more to do than is possible.

So a few days back as some of you may remember ..when I had trouble with my photo software ..well I had just finished a photo shoot of new offerings to be listed and ..didn't get them listed...

I'm finally getting the hang of this new software ..mind you I'm still not pleased with it ..but what's a girl to do but go with the flow ..and bend like a tree ...

Sometime learning new things and adjusting to new ways can be hard ..and I still stand firm that I like the old software better ..but the only one injured in fighting the new software is myself as the companies really don't care ...

Well enough about that ..I'm resting ..Sunday always a good day for that ..I am sitting here in my Jammies ..with Emma playing ..never can watch that movie enough times ..and trying to get things listed ..

I have just finished listing 3 of our Farmhouse Romance Pillows and will keep going as there are several more to go along with some other wonderful vintage finds ...

I know I had a few people waiting for me to get the pillows listed so I wanted to let you all know it's finally happening ..

And Here's a sneek peek ....

Oh Yes I'm listing them in our Etsy Store can get there by clicking HERE ...

I hope you are all enjoying a Beautiful Sunday Afternoon's a cool..cloudy, blustery day here ..which is unusual for this time of year ...and I'm Loving it !!!

Blessings ..Sara


  1. Hi sweet Sara! I am glad you are enjoying a day of rest! The pillows are so beautiful! Lovely photo! I will have to go visit your Etsy shop! Love and blessings, Paula

  2. Oh Sara, your pillows are gorgeous!!! I agree with you there never seems to be enough time to get everything done... I really enjoyed reading your comment, thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful week~~~Daphne

  3. Hi Sara!

    Those pillows look so neat!!


  4. This pillows a really pretty!
    Happy week ahead,


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