Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Olivenhain Grove Sale ..Good Friends and Good Fun

Hello Bloggerettes !!!! ...Well I'm still alive ..breathing, walking and the brain is already working at creating more for our next upcoming show ..the Chateau De Fleurs Sale in Fallbrook, CA.

Well these shows can get addicting I'll tell you that ..I have 2 under my belt now and well I'm excited for June to get here for the next one...LOL !!!

I know, I know ...I'm a nut but the comradery alone is worth it ..the fresh air , the outdoors ...and meeting such great people is addiction enough ..and of course watching your favorite finds and your pieces you have poured your heart into go home with someone who loves it as much as you makes all the creating. lifting, moving, lifting some more and moving some more all worth it.

Today first up I'm sharing picts of our shop ...My friends and family who didn't get to come made me vow that this show I would actually get some pictures before opening so they could see it all ..so there's alot of pictures here ....I hope you all enjoy !

Of course we didn't sell everything ..but we did Good we can't complain in the least. So I'm hoping ..time allowing that next week I'll be adding offerings of furniture and smalls to our website and Etsy ..so any of you lucky gals in blogland might find something for yourself from our Show offerings.

So sit back relax and enjoy ......and don't forget to click on a picture if you want to see it in a larger view...

Oh and if you see something your interested in just ask ..we might still have it available and we'd be glad to offer it outside the show now.

Abbey and I put this wonderful Birdhouse sign together ..her and I needless to say didn't want to take it to the show we loved it so much ...

Isn't this Gal ...just divine ...She was gone within the first 5 minutes of opening ..and I was so Thankful ..I bought her a month or so back ..got her for a fair price and knew she was going to be a great show piece...Draw back about her was she weighed near 350lbs ..solid concrete re-bar enforced....HEAVY doesn't describe her at all ..let me tell you loading her onto the trailer going was funny it took 3 of us ..yanking and pulling ..pushing and twisting ..I'ms ure our neighbors were laughing ...and of course unloading her was just as funny ..but we did it ..everyone told me it couldn't be done ..that was the first thing not to tell me ..that's when my "I'll Prove it can" mode kicked in ...LOL !!!

The Luggage rack and Luggage that I created in Burlap and Lace I must admit were my favorite offerings I created for the show ..I love browns and creams ..and burlap and lace ..

A basket of our new Farmhouse Romance Line of Sawdust Pillows ..I am so aching to get these listed for purchase on our Site and Etsy ..these new images are some of my favorites we have done to date ..I'm hoping next week they will be listed and ready for purchase ...

Well ...I hope you have enjoyed a little glimpse of our shop at the show ...and if your local and you missed it ..you have plenty of time to mark your calender for our next show ..on June 18th and 19th in Fallbrook, CA ..the Chateau De Fleurs show hosted By Christie Repasy and Rita Reade....read more about it in my sidebar....

I have lots more picts of the show and our many friends and new artisans we met ...so check back in the next few days ....

Thanks to all of you who left comments sending us well wishes with the show ..we so love your comments ..and appreciate you taking the time to stop in to see what we are up to.

Have a Beautiful First week of May !!!



  1. I am still tired, what about you?....it was so nice to see you 3 again. I love your Papa', I am going to have a special cooler just for him with sodas at Le Chateau. Ciao for now Rita

  2. You have some great items there! Too bad it is so far away. I would have liked that lovely lady too for my garden, but I don't think I could have afforded the shipping!

  3. I really enjoy the things I got from you at Christie's show. Looks like this one you had even more beautiful things!

  4. What gorgeous things you have! I'm not all that far from Fallbrook - I'll mark the next date on my calendar. ::Jill

  5. oh my it is all so wonderful.
    I love the suitcases and those pillows are so sweet, I must keep an eye on your shop for those.
    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and i wish you much success to come.
    Happy WW

  6. love, love, love that statue!

  7. Dear Sara,

    I am so glad the show went well and you are getting ready for another. They sound like such fun! I LOVED every single gorgeous photo you shared!!! Your booth is so beautiful and so are all your creations and offerings!!! I love the colors you use!!! Your new header photo is gorgeous! I love how you altered the suitcases with lace and burlap and those baby shoes are darling! You are so talented and creative! I am not surprised that the beautiful lady statue sold right off. Wow, she weighed a lot! :) You and Abbey have a wonderful eye for vignettes and your booth is so beautiful and appealing! Thank you for sharing! Love, Paula

  8. Love the photos! And I keep telling Christie and Rita that one day I will get to one of their shows!
    Take care, Sue

  9. Hi Sara! I just found your blog and simply love it and became your newest follower! Wish I lived closer as I see so many things I would have snapped up! Your sense of style and design is inspiring . . . and your youtube clip of Ronald Reagan makes me like you even more :-) and I thank you for sharing that too!!

  10. Your space looks marvelous. I love what you did with the old suitcases. Thanks for stopping by and I hope the warm weather is on it's way to my house. I love soaking up the sun.

    Take care,


  11. how fun!!! and your space is gorgeous!!! I love your header and new background...you are the busy girl..good for you!!!!

  12. How beautiful everything is.
    Love the luggage!!

  13. Hello..it was so nice to meet you at the show and I wish I had seen the statue first! You have amazing things, and I just did a post on the sale. Wish I had taken more photos of you offerings, but people will link over here to see them.

    (below is my store in case you want to visit!)


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