Monday, May 31, 2010

On the way to get a coke and the rest of the weekend...

On The Way to Get A Coke ...

What a weekend ..with it being Memorial Day ...a "holiday weekend" for many ..I figured there wouldn't be too many estate sales if any at all ..and few yard sales out there . Well was I wrong !!!

Thursday and Friday were packed full of sales ..and really it was take the method of spinning the dial and seeing where it landed to choose what direction to go in as there were more Estate Sales than one could make it to ....We found a ton of goodies which I'll share pictures of further on in this post. In fact we found so many I had to make a couple trips home to unload the truck both days ..LOL !! ...So on Saturday ...

When it was 2 in the afternoon we all decided we wanted a what we call "Frozen Coke" know those Coke Slurpees. We don't keep soda in the house going down to get a frozen coke is a treat ..anyhow ..."On the way to get a coke" ...mind you after 2 days full of sales and buying ...we're headed down the road ..and how could it be ..How could I have missed it ..another massive sign ..that reads Estate Sale ..Well ..having no will power ...we had to check it out and see what was still available ..I shouldn't have ...but ...

This Antique Iron Baby Bed a very faint original paint ..was set up ...I made an offer thinking it would not be taken and well as you can see I have it ..LOL !!! These early Iron Baby beds make such wonderful pieces for the Garden ..Or they are perfect set up as a oversized chair in the house adding a cushion ..and pillows and dropping the front or taking it off .

Well it's mine now ..but guess where it's going to be heading ??? Countdown to the Chateau De Fleurs show has begun ....and that's where it will be headed ..

This wonderful wood folding chair in old blue chippy paint ..perfectly weathered and aged was another find at that sale ...along with several antique leather suitcases ..a cute drop leaf 1930's table old shabby chandelier ..of all things a Christie Repasy painting...pluse some other odds and ends. ..We had to laugh pulling away ..saying and all we were doing is going to get a Coke ..!!!

Reverse to Thursday and Friday ...and we hit an estate sale near the ocean about 35 minutes from were we live and another one in the hills about 25 minutes from where we live ..and here's just a snippet of all our treasures ...

To some it may look like alot of junk ..but to me this is absolute treasure ..

You can't see this table that well ..didn't realize that the shade was so dark ..but it's a cutie and just waiting for a little rouge and lipstick...

This was one of my favorite boxes ...look at all these old wood shoe forms ..Are they not awesome ..the sale these came from the man had owned a shoe repair shop ... you should have seen all the interesting tools and pieces that were there. Plus those bronzed baby shoes hiding down in the box ..were just ever so sweet and will I couldn't pass those up ..

This Bucket full of old porcelain insulators is another cool find ..People always look at some of the stuff we buy and wonder "what in the world" I'm sure ..they just see the items for what they are ..but I always see it as what it can be or can become ...and I saw these gems as legs ..perfection with the screw in already in and they are super heavy duty some trunk ..table or I don't know what yet will eventually be married up with these...

So While out playing in our goodies and putting things away and beginning work on pieces for our upcoming show ..we had some fun with My Maggie. We bought this little Strainer and we turned it over and said it looked like a little helmet ..and we found the perfect little head for it to fit upon ...

Poor Maggie ..I think I've pulled , yanked, tugged, and rubbed her soft little ears to death for the last 14 years ...She's such a patient girl ..and let's me do just about anything to her. We made her pose for this picture ..and I had to stand guard that the strainer/helmet didn't pop off ...her ears are so soft there's just no grip with them so they were having a hard time staying put throught the handles ..LOL !!! ..If only I would have had a sweater clip I could have hooked it from one ear to the other to secure the helmet not really ..!!!

So that was our Fun weekend ..I'm tired ..tired of Going ..and ready for a few days here at home. We are steadily working on new pieces for the upcoming show ...I have a few before and maybe some after pictures of pieces that will be headed to the show that I will be posting this week check back to see some sneek peeks !!!


And of course ..I haven't forgotten that today is Memorial Day ..and want to say Thank You To the Veterans of our country and to those in Service Today as well as to their families for the Sacrafice they have made for Me and My Families Freedom. May our Freedom be untouched and may all of us realize how precious that Freedom is to us ..and may we fight the fight along with our military to keep our nation Free !!! It is good to want peace is good to desire peace is good to pray for peace ..but the reality of peace is in order to achieve it ..every person in this nation would have to come to one mind of thinking. Being that we all are different and have different views ...Complete Peace will never be achieved ..but we can be peaceful in our views and come to one mind of thinking about our Freedom ..that we Love it and that No one including our own government is going to take that away. It is up to us the people to unite and remember what our Veterans did for us and what our men in sevice are doing for us today ..and Keep Our Freedom !!!

Thank You to the men and women who have given their lives the men and women who have fought the good fight the men and women who have sacraficed their lives and the lives of their families ..WE SALUTE YOU !!!


  1. I am so jealous Sara! and love to see Maggie with the new hat. Ciao Rita

  2. goodness, there are great yard sales where you live,,,the ones around her are not very good, one in a great while I will find something...can't wait to see what you do with that amazing bed!!! now go

  3. I love all your wonderful finds. But the best was Maggie. What a wonderful dog. So very special.

  4. It's me again. Thank you for posting Reagans take on socialized medicine. I hope it is read by all. Amazing it was the 60's. It is today for sure. Thnaks, Sharon

  5. Very nice Sara, Maggie & M, love your finds especially the old iron bed! Can't wait to see the magic when you make them up.

  6. Sara, wow, small world. I didn't realize you had lived here. When and where? I grew up here. Did you have booth space anywhere? OK, a million questions. Thanks for supporting The Seed Box blog, Brian and Mel are just soooo talented, they need to be "out there" letting people see all their great stuff! Good to hear from you!

  7. Sara!
    What a haul!!! That baby bed is my FAVORITE! Hope it goes in your garden!

    That Maggie is a good sport! lol
    Good girl Mags!

  8. Hi Sara,
    Gosh, what a wonderful day full of treasures for you !! I LoVe when a BiG haul comes home !! such fun, and especially going through them again,once you get home ... Especially loving that sweet baby bed !! AWESOME !!
    Hoping you have a wonderful rest of your week ~
    HuGs ~tea~ xo

  9. Beautiful Post Sara!
    We "Juntiqued" in the mountains and I am headed back up tomorrow for more.

    Can't wait to see you in two weeks...two weeks?

    Man, I have to get busy!!
    Lots of work to do!


  10. Hi Sara!
    I for one would have never thought Memorial Day weekend would have been so good for treasure sale-ing!
    You found some really GOOD STUFF - not a piece of junk in the trunk there!
    Yippee for you!
    Miss Maggie is stealing my heart away :-)
    Have a super weekend!
    Hugs and Smiles,

  11. Wow!!
    Great stuff, especially the baby bed. Love those in the garden too!

  12. I agree! They are all treasures!


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