Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pulling My Hair Out !!!

Here's me this afternoon ...!!!

Wondering why ???

When Something works and it's great the way it is ..why does someone come along and think they can make it better ???

Why is is that they think more options ..and more in general is better ???

For 3 years now I have used a photo editing program by the name of Photo Explosion. The last version ..version 3 ..they no longer support so had to upgrade to Version 4.

Version 4 was said to have more of everything which sounded great.

So I opened the program to start editing my photos ...and nothing was the same ...not one thing !!!

So I picked up the over 300 page manual and began reading ..Uggg.

What I loved about this program was how simple it was ..seriously it was as easy as 1, 2 , 3, No Raster layers vector layers ....just simply import your photo add a frame and text ..and save ..Oh you could do more ..but if you didn't want to it was that simple.'s not that easy's as complicated as many of the other photo editing programs ..and by complicated I just mean there is alot more choices and alot more steps in order to get your photo edited than what this program did offer.

Someone though thought I guess it was too simple ..and took that simplicity away well more cute frames or 3d layers ...all gone ..!!!

So now I have to figure out where to get and add frames to my photos well as how to do it quickly. I like to dress my photos for the website and etsy ..but time is time and there's not ton's of it it's limited when your trying to dress up your photo's.

So do any of you have any image editing programs that are simple ??Any recommendations at all ?? And or do any of you have any suggestions for places to pick up some of those cute white scrolly frames that I can layer on to my images ???

Any suggestions would be so appreciated !!!

I try to limit my time to the computer about a year ago I spent so much time on it learning how to do things I literally burned myself out and made myself sick ..and I won't do it again ..So I'm asking for your thoughts and help I don't go nuts trying to find a way to simply dress up my photos .

Oh and all this started today ..when I was taking photos of new product list on the site and Etsy ...when I went to edit them and ran into all this ,...well nothing got listed today ...isn't that the way it goes ..

So I'm thinking I'll just have to post the photos as they are until I find a new way to edit them.

Looking forward to your suggestions and help ...

Blessings ...Sara


  1. I went through the same problem when I tried to use PE4. Terrible program and especially when you have been used to using the wonderful PE3. I gave up and had to go back to the older program. There is just no way I can make that new version work for what I want to use it for.


  2. Oh my! I've never even ventured into stuff like this! It would be all Greek to me!

  3. I hate when they change something...I barely can edit my own...good luck...maybe there is a computor fairy out there!!!

  4. Hi Sara, you might like just register and it's free!! You can't use all of the fancy editing options for free but for just a small amount of money per year you can use all of their wonderful tools. And it's easy! Just take a look around and see what you think ~ have a wonderful Sunday!! hugs and love, Dawn


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