Monday, May 24, 2010

Seasons of Life ..Change ..

As I have been sitting here this evening working on our website ..changing graphics ..removing sold product, old product and trying my hardest to remove all that was make way for the new ...

This Thought came to mind...

We all go through seasons in our lives many ways ...emotionally, physically, spiritually,

I find in the artisitic and decorating part of my world ..I am like the fall leaves ...being blown to and fro ...I love so many looks and styles I find it hard to stick with one.

On the other hand ..I am like the dormant winter ..where some of the older styles I used to love ...I find them dreary and depressing now.

And I am Like the spring ..I find new buds of style are popping up all the time in me ..I'm finding new loves all the time ..and it seems they come upon me quicker than I can fathom them ..LOL !!!

Being constant and focused can be ever so hard for me ...I think it's that artistic nature deep down inside ...It can be a blessing and a curse ..driving me in many directions ...Yet keeping me growing in new directions all the time.

I think the picture above is testament to our lives and what we go through....Right now I have entered my lighter and brighter season ..Liking whites, creams, pinks, aquas, light greens and blues ....They appeal to me more than ever ..they tend to bring out a happier me ..physically, emotionally, and spiritually

My Days of Deep Dark Primitives have passed ..and my Days of Farmhouse Romance ..a little glitz, sparkle and glamour ...are touching my soul ...and filling my life in a whole new way. I'm loving the change ..sometimes change is a good thing ..and for me this is good change.

Finding your niche sometimes a long and winding path enjoy each day and where the journey leads ...

I'm enjoying mine !!!

So have your tastes changed ..have your seasons changed ?? Are you changing loves in style ..or are you still loving the style you are in ??


  1. me too, I think we just like everything!!!!!

  2. Hi Sara and Abbey,
    I like your vision and thoughts... enjoy your day my friends :)


  3. Beautifully written! It will give me something to contemplate throughout the day. Thank you for the inspiration!!


  4. Oh my gosh.......I'd never think of California as a hot bed of wonderful antiques, but I continue to be proven wrong... What a wonderful group of finds.

    Warm blessings,


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