Thursday, May 30, 2019

One of a Kind Patriotic Buntings from my heart and my hands ~ Sweet Magnolias Farm Originals

I don't know about You all but I love me some Red, White and Blue ..!!! 
For as many years back as I can remember 4th of July is one of my favorite times of the year .. I have no idea why that is nothing special happened to me personally that made me love it .. beyond loving what it represents.

Maybe it's because my Birthday is just a few days shy of it ? 
Maybe I just love the vibrant colors and the joy they bring to my heart. 

I can remember in the 1990's as a young 20 something young woman .. wanting flag writing pens, a flag jacket, and anything Ralph Lauren bedding that was red white and blue floral. In fact I splurged and bought the RL cottage rose and flag sheets that he put out and still have them to this day .. and love them just as much as when I first got them. 

I guess it's just my thing !

Last year a sweet gal that's a client through my Etsy shop and had purchased some of my upcycled shirts emailed me a little tutorial she had found on making patriotic buntings. Well the tutorial wasn't bad but it didn't create a very permanent bunting.. So I set out to create on for this gal but wanted it to be more traditional but unique in that they are made from vintage and upcycled materials and if you have followed what I love to make over the years you'll know I love creating One of  kind pieces .. so I wanted each one to be a OOAK .. so each person that purchases one and hangs knows that theirs is the only one like it .. I guess to me it just makes the piece a little bit more special .

Well this year started out with a bang (Hah no pun intended but I like it) ... and I have been feverishly at my sewing table designing and sewing together buntings for the season.

Here are just a few of them that have either already found homes 
are available in my Etsy shop HERE

 These are a true work of my heart and hands .. 
My Heart: a lot of love goes into making each one and getting every detail
just right. From fabrics the not only compliment one another but really make the piece shine, to loving how it all comes together in the end.
My Hands: well I love the process of piecing it all together, I love the feeling of the fabrics and I love the heavy weight that makes if feel so sturdy when it's complete.

 Each bunting from start to finish takes about 5 to 6 hours depending on how many layers I put together how many details go into it and that big red check double ruffle at the bottom .. well that's the longest part of the process believe it or not. That's a "LOT" of yardage .. approx 14 running yards go into making that long ruffle .. to say that part is time consuming is an understatement.

 One of my favorite parts of making these buntings is the Blue Canton. Deciding what remnant of an old shirt, dress, or linen will make up the piece and make it stand out. This one above ... is made from shirt sleeves.. I even left the buttons on and the cuffs .. this was a bit of piecing work and figuring out how to get it all to lay just right so it looked right .. in the end it took some extra time but I really was happy with the outcome...

 And those Red Rosettes .. those are all handmade .. and they can get a little tricky making each one and having it lay right .. attaching it is also another step I'll admit is what i least like doing .. but that red rosette is like the icing on a cake .. it's just not cake without some good buttercream frosting and it's just not a finished bunting without the beautiful red rosette .. at least in my opinion.

Well If you would like one of these beauties there are currently a few available in my Etsy shop .. I just listed them tonight ..

Oh and did I mention these are wonderfully large .. they are approx 58" wide x 34" L
Perfect for the porch. hung from the mantle in your home since we don't use the fireplace during the summer. They look wonderful over a bed .. or are stunning on the bed or at the foot of the bed. 

Well I hope you all enjoy a little of the work of my heart and hands .. 

Thanks for stopping in .. 
Until Next Time
Sweet Blessings .. Sara

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