Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day .. to the Momma's of Children and fur babies

Happy Mother's Day ...

 Wishing a beautiful and blessed Mother's day to all of you mom's. Being a mom is a hard job. It's the biggest and most important job that God has Blessed so many women with. Some of us were not called or able to be momma's .. I had the dream in my youth of being married and having 6 or 7 children .. the proverbial home with picket fence, a loving, devoted, hard working and Godly husband. But the years passed and life took me in other directions and that dream didn't happen. Instead the Lord had a different plan for my life and although I still have that faint what if in my heart I know that his plans are the best laid plans .. and I trust him with my whole heart. 

God gave me motherhood through my four legged fur babies...

I've always loved animals from the time I was little. Especially dogs. Growing up I had a Lhasa Apso named muffin that I dressed in doll clothes and put in my baby buggy and strolled around the house with. Then there was Daisy our Yellow Lab who I loved so dearly and made mud pies with... then there was a long gap before Sadie my Black Lab made it into my life as a young woman but I had to let go of her to another home because of her aggression. Then life blessed me with my Golden Retriever Scout and 3 yrs later a second Golden Maggie both of which I raised from 8 weeks to their deaths at 17 yrs old and 13 yrs old and only months between their deaths when my heart was distraught and hurting at their loss .. and I was much older and realizing that my years of child bearing were coming to an end .. I cried out to my sweet Jesus to fill my heart, life and hands with another fur baby .. a little girl with pig tails is exactly what I asked for.. and along came my Sweet Flossie Girl I have now. A springer spaniel with long ears "pig tails" you might say .. and she came in a package that unbeknownst to me as her tiny baby body laid in my hands the day I took her home would need so much care, looking after and lots of love to see her through almost dieing during a vaccination to having an auto immune disease that once again almost took her life at 3 yrs. I remember the heart ache and pain of being in that ER room seeing how sick she was and feeling helpless to make her well.. Having the Dr.s come in and say they had exhausted all resources and knowing at that moment in my heart that all resources were not exhausted because God was there and on our side and either way his will would be done and my faith would see me through .. so I said to my parents who were with me .. 

God told us in the bible were 3 or more are gathered he hears our prayers ..( 19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew chapter 18 Verses 19 & 20)
so I said it's time to lay hands on Flossie and ask for her healing. We gathered on the floor around her all laying our hands on her and lifting her up in prayer as tears streamed down our faces, lumps in our throats that God's will would be done to either let her go or allow her to heal. I really had no idea what would happen after that ..other than I knew I had to have Faith that all things would work together for good no matter the outcome. In this case the next 24 hours proved to be a joy and healing began with the Dr.s being shocked at test results coming in... and here we are 3 yrs later with my little sweetheart in remission. A sensitive little one I've been given the privilege to care for and be a mama too. Not in the same way as a human child by any means there are big differences there I'll be the first to admit that .. but when it comes to love, and heartache .. I can begin to understand a  momma's heart. It can be filled with so much joy you want to burst and it can be filled with so much hurt and sorrow you wonder how you will ever mend... 

So God has fulfilled that maternal need to be a mom in a way I never would have expected. To care for the animals he put here among us.

 My own momma and I have been close all my life. We have an unusually close relationship that we treasure as we both know that it is a friendship that most will never experience and some do not understand .. but we feel so very blessed. She has shared with me her joys, and sorrows of what she has loved about being a mom to what she has heart ache over, has given me a little insight into the sheer roller coaster ride of emotions and responsibilities that not only shape the children she's raised but has shaped her as she's grown older. Life has changed her immensely over the years.

I can see that youth and age both have their good in the world .. With youth comes an energy and excitement at all the new and wonderful things that you get to experience as a newly wedded couple with children on the way. To becoming parents and the joys and fears that come with it. With age comes the joy of watching your children flourish..and possibly seeing grandchildren come along or in some cases the sorrow of seeing your children make poor choices for their lives. To even losing children. And hopefully with age comes wisdom.. looking back on those younger years and learning from the mistakes that were made or being joyful about the good choices you made for your children.
No matter what there is so much that goes into being a Mom and no one woman is going to get it all right all the time. 

Being a mom can be as painful as it is rewarding. It's in my opinion from the outside looking in the hardest job a woman can have.

Some are blessed with motherhood and other's are not.. that doesn't make one more or less than the other in this life. God call's us all to different roads .. what's important is that we do our best to Glorify him in whatever road he has called us to travel. 

So to all those with a  mothers heart out there today ..I wish you this day ..
A Happy Mother's Day.

May God Bless you and keep you and may he gather you up in his arms and give you rest.

Sweet Blessings

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