Friday, May 10, 2019

My new shop space at The Vintage Peddler in Springfield, MO Spring 2019

Well if you read one of my last posts you know I talked about making new changes in my business. I talked about diversifying and getting a few shop spaces in a few different places. 

So my new but smaller shop space that I have taken is at the Vintage Peddler Antique Mall in the heart of Springfield, MO.

For it being a much smaller space than what I had, I'm amazed at the amount of product I have been able to get into it. What a blessing that is. 

This shop space inspired me to design it in what I call "Rustic Romance" .. To me Rustic romance is antique and vintage items that are worn, tattered, chippy, rustic goodness ... items that have a story .. one's that are by no means perfect. And the romance comes in, in soft goods such as pillows, linens and Florals,which I'll be adding in the weeks to come.  We have a pinterest board called "Rustic Romance" HERE.. a style that I love and it gives me inspiration for design and display's been one of my favorite boards that we have created over the years. 

We've got the shop space up and running and of course I still feel like it needs some tweaking and fine tuning and after today's Spring Shop Hop with several items selling it will already need a little TLC this coming week.  Over the weeks ahead I'll enjoy adding more antique, vintage and handmade finds.. I can't wait to get a few more hand made goods added too.

Here are several photos of what we've done so far .. and as I said the Spring Shop Hop at "The Vintage Peddler" Started today and will continue through the weekend .. so if you're local or passin' through be sure and stop by and enjoy some amazing shopping.

Enjoy the photos and address of TVP I will add at the bottom of the post.

You can visit our shop space inside "The Vintage Peddler" Antique Mall.
1432 E Trafficway St, Springfield, MO 65802
 (417) 864-9808

And I want to say a Big Thank You to my Sister in Christ Debra who has a heart after Christ and listened to that still small voice who led her to bless my life and inspire me to make some changes I had been praying about for a long time. Our Dear Lord led her into my life and used her to answer those prayers. Thank You Debra for listening to Gods leading I am ever grateful to you. Much Love sent your way! .. 

Until Next Time...
Sweet Blessings

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  1. Wow, today was one of those wonderful days that you just feel God's presence and know that He is so good and at work in our lives. How He has an amazing pattern that He weaves us all together to bless each other and see His ways more clearly. Your new space is anointed Sara, and I pray He mightily blesses you guys and all your talent and diligence. I'm going to be back soon, next time we all need to have lunch! love you guys!


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