Saturday, May 18, 2019

What's new at Spring Creek, Gone Antiquing, and Allergies on the attack...

It's been a busy week for me how about Y'all ?

First part of the week was spent doing a complete revamp to my shop space at Spring Creek Antiques. Abbey and I added all sorts of new vintage items to my space including some new furniture pieces that are for sale. This weekend we hit up a fun antique sale and I came home with some great finds which I can't wait to get into my shops and in my Etsy shop as well... the down side of the week was the tree pollen got to me again and literally within 1 hour of being out at the antique sale I was sneezing 5 and 6 times in a row over and over then the watery eyes, the sinus issues and a really strange sore throat that still has it's hold on me tonight. I broke down last night and took some Benadryl to go to bed and it did help... today is much better than it normally is when I just ride it out for a few weeks....

So on to sharing my shop space revamp ..

I took this space over from a friend who just did a beautiful job picking products and styling it. And although I would love to say I could make it look like she did .. we all have our own touch and way we see things styled so it will always be different from the beautiful way she styled it. 
When I took it over I bought most of the permanent (Not for sale) furniture items she had in order to make it an easy switch for me. Since taking it over in February.. I decided the last few weeks that I would love to give it a whole new look and I would actually like having a few pieces of furniture that were different and for sale to be part of the space .. 
So this week Abbey and I headed in and added the cute vintage red paint table .. the adorable white cupboard, and all the little tables benches, shelf and our cute lil' ol' dress form "Mabel" all gussied up in her Dress and Apron from the 1940s ..

I offer mainly antique and vintage items with a few new farmy items tucked in. I am generally an all vintage girl at heart .. but I don't mind a few new things if they have the right look, style and are a good quality item. Antique, Vintage and the right new pieces can make a beautiful marriage. So rather you love vintage or new farmy pieces or both you can find a sweet variety in my shop space to choose from...

This little red and white truck is just one of many new but vintage pieces that made it to the shop this week as my heart tugged to keep it. It's a hydraulic truck so the dump back on it raises up .. I could just see it at Christmas with a load of bottle brush trees tied with jute laid in the back of it and a tiny wood sign hanging from the side .. something like "Farm Fresh Trees U- Cut Em"  Right now I have some really cute farm style absorbent stone coasters that are packaged in sets of 4 tucked in .. perfect for these warm summer days when your sweet tea or ice cold coca-cola starts sweating from the humidity and you don't want rings on your table .. and you want something cute to set them on  ..

And if you like some one of a kind pieces .. well the fun red birdhouse is just that a OOAK that Abbey made.. a cute one holer that simply nails or screws to the wall, post or fence .. and has some cute little architectural finds and wood trims she added to gussy it up.  Just below it .. is an authentic piece of folk art .. a handmade rooster and chick sitting on a fence post... what a darling piece for the mantle ..

Who out there loves old advertising tins ? My hand is raised in the air and I'm jumping up and down !!!
From Marshmallows. Crackers. and Coffee tins and more.. there's some charming tins awaiting a new home sweet home.

I seriously think I could have shelves full of these old tins or stacks on benches .. I love early advertising pieces that are full of color, great graphic designs and cute fonts...

And of course it's Spring well for some of us .. seems old man winter is trying to hold on with clenched fists this year for some of you .. but for those of us who are now hitting temps in the 80's with lots of rain it's the perfect time to be planting and adding some charm to your farm by sprucing it up with some pops of color. Flowers, Gardening tools, sweet signs and more ...

If you like the cute Garden and Potting Shed signs .. those are handmade and I have one of each available in my Etsy Shop  HERE

Well the shop is choc full of wonderful Farmhouse and Vintage Goodness I hope you enjoyed a little stroll through our shop space ....  if you're local or just passin' through the Missouri Ozarks be sure and take a minute to stop by for a little shopping and while your in at Spring Creek Antiques be sure and grab some good eats at Spring Creek's Tea Room..(Tuesday -Saturday)  From scrumptious sandwhiches, soups, salads...and Oh Girl the desserts are to die for .. you'll struggle on what dessert to choose and you may need a piece for eating in and a piece for taking on the road and a piece for when you get home ... you're warned ... "Just sayin'"

Spring Creek Antiques and Tea Room is located in Ozark, Missouri .. just off hwy 65 and the Jackson Street/hwy14 exit.  .

Until Next Time
Sweet Blessings

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