Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stormy Weather arriving .....

Well This morning we awoke to a beautiful sunshine filled sky that was clear and blue ...and a warm day at that for January.

They ( the weather forecasters) keep telling us we are in for quite a series of rainstorms ..and when I checked last night when going to bed and again this morning the little weather chart showed mostly cloudy today and rain 40% chance.

I had to laugh when I awoke this morning to a beautiful sunshine filled day ... It always amazes me how the forecasters boast about their doppler 5000 machine (or whatever name it is) and make predictions. Here they have probably spent millions if not more on a machine that's supposed to tell them the weather patterns and help them predict the weather ..and it can't even get things right ..It takes me back to a saying my Mom used to say a long time ago ..."That God makes fools of those who think they are Wise"

What I want to know how the Farmers Almanac seems to get the weather right more often than not. Maybe the forecasters should forego their computer generated forecasts and try their hand at the farmers almanac. LOL !!! My Great Uncle who lived in Kansas and is now passed on ..used the farmers almanac like it was a bible...he raised cattle and used the signs of the body in the farmers almanac to ween his calves and it worked like a charm for him. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways ...sometimes progress isn't better ..just sometimes the wisdom of those before us ..can't be improved upon. The next time you think you know better ..think on that ..

I just took this picture out in our backyard...the skys are now cloudy as of about an hour ago and the rain is lightly falling now ..this under a 20 % chance that they changed it too ...O.k. now I'm really laughing.

Yes that is a lake in the background ..we back up to a man made lake ...Yep I can hear you thinking how wonderful ..we did too when we moved in here 3 yrs ago thank goodness we just rented.

I cannot deny it's very nice to look at during the day time ..while doing dishes or working ...But there is a walking path that you cannot see just below the fence line ...and to my dismay's not always pleasant to have people walking behind your home.

We get to hear conversations we would prefer not too ..language we don't prefer... and for some reason people think it's o.k. to let their children walk up the little hill and peek in our backyard. No thought for those living here at all.

Oh and ..we get the teenagers that like to hang out in the summertime on the benches that ..have colorful language and like to smoke ...and make quite a racket at 11 o'clock at night ...Or the Summer Parties that go on across the lake from us until 1 or 2 in the morning or even earlier ..the water between us makes for a wonderful echo chamber.

All this to say ...that Sometimes the most Beautiful things are not what they seem. LOL !!!

Off that subject and back to the weather ..I am so looking forward to this series of rain storms they say are headed our way for the next week. I love the rain ..and cloudy days ..I love the sound of it pitty pattering on the roof ...I love the feeling of rain dropping on my face ...and the feeling of it in the air...the smell of it is just divine ...and the way the lights in the night glimmer behind the falling drops ..warms my heart ever so much.

Beyond how much I enjoy it ..our little part of the country really needs rain so badly ..we have had very little now in several years. So I hope and I pray ..that this rain will bless our land and while it's blessing the land it will bless my heart.

Wishing you all a Beautiful Week ...May God bless your heart !!!

Your Kindred Friend ...Sara


  1. its now raining quite a bit.....we live on the other side of town, in the country area...very quiet and good neighbors.

  2. its been raining most of the day, here in the valley, I have always told my so to be a weather man, you can be wrong but we will keep listing to


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