Friday, January 8, 2010

Junking in the New Year ...

Well it's been a fun start to the New Year this week. It was our First week out junking in a long long time ..and the first time this new year and boy did we have some fun and find some wonderful goodies ..

First up ..the picture below ..on the top the antique glass compote was a great find probably had a lid at one time ..but no matter now ..because this gem is perfect for holding a birds nest and eggs and draped in some old lace. Next to it are to old bottles ..the left one is an old frosted swirl glass talcum bottle with the original label and talcum is still in it. The one on the right probably held a lotion ..and it's also a frosted glass and has a pattern that makes the bottle look like a tassel's pretty wonderful I must say !! Then an old mug that has a sweet raised porcelain flower and leaves ...these are all sitting on an antique 4 piece mold cake stand that is in perfect condition ..and just to die for ..I love old cake plates ..
We also found 2 vintage bibles ..a box of old White buttons a tin can and some old cute rustic hangers and a whisk broom you can't figure out what I'm going to do with that ...LOL !!!


So then we hit another sale ...and we were in need of some vintage jewelry ..and I have to add that Abbey had just prayed the night before and told the Lord we were getting low on our vintage jewelry supply and we sure would appreciate him directing us to some. ...Well Abb heads up to this sale ..and there is one little piece of jewelry and she asks if they have more ..Lo and behold the gal says yes ..and look at this !!!!

God Provided the desire of Abbs heart ...and gave us a bargain at that we have lots of pieces to use on our handmade offerings ..and some of the pieces were perfect so we'll be offering those as they are ..we just can't bring ourselves to chop them up.

Abb and I had a fun time the last 2 days ..going junkin is always alot of fun. You never know what goody your going to happen on ..and you can't wait to get back home to start using them in one way or another or listing them for sale for some other kindred soul to cherish.

Abb and I have been junking together forever and a day ..I remember when I was a young girl ..heading off to flea markets, antique malls, and antique sales ...we never had alot of money so Abb never bought much ..but we had alot of fun looking at all the wonderful offerings. Our memories of junking together will always be with us ..and each time we go out's another fun memory made.

I'll never forget when we were living in MO and we went to the farm sales was a hot August ..and I found some things to stay for and bid on ..well ..there was this little enamel creamer I wanted ..and I waited near 4 hours to get it ..when all of a sudden a young gal popped up and started bidding on all the things I was hoping to get my hands on ..I lost out on all of them ..and when they got to this creamer ..she didn't bid ..only me and one other person ..I think we had it up to like 4 dollars ..anyhow at last call this gal pops her hand up and bids ..I got so irritated that I bid again ..Abb gave me the eye that's too much but I was determined this gal wasn't going to get this from me ...Well she didn't and the laugh was on me ..I WON !!!! Yep I paid 15 dollars for it ..and that was alot back then for it. But I WON !!!! LoL ..that's a funny memory I'll just never forget ..I never get to riled up ..but that day that gal managed to get my big girl panties in a bunch ...!!!

Wishing you all happy junking !!!

P.S. ...I will be listing several of the items for sale ..if you see anything your interested in don't hesitate to ask about it ..

Your Kindred Friend ..Sara


  1. I love your finds. I know that God answers prayer and he surely did for you. What amazing jewelry!!

  2. Wow Sara! You and Abby hit the jackpot on those great olde finds!!

  3. I bet yall were nearly hyperventilating! HAHA! THANKYOU JESUS! DID YOU SKIP to your lou all the way to your car?

    Had to laugh thinking of you trying to outbid the lady at the farmsale. You were one determined gal! I wish I could go to an auction with ya someday. WHAT FUN we'd have.

    HAPPY SALES my kindred friends!
    Hug Maggie for me!

  4. Holy crap! You guys really DID hit the jackpot with all that jewelry didn't you? Wow, I spy several things I would have been wrestling you for Sara ~ that cake plate looks like a beauty, and it appears that you scored some pretty cameo earrings and a pin! Geez, I never score big time like that! LOL!


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