Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain and the Fun it brought our way !!!

Well The rain arrived last night and came down steady most of the night ..we had a brief reprieve early this morning ..and then the storm pushed it's way through and boy did it ever push through !!!

Of course our storms here don't even come close to the extreme weather I have experienced in other places such as when I lived in MO ..but nonethelss for sunny CA ...this was quite a storm.

The Wind blew like crazy ..I read up to 50 mph gusts and it sure seemed that way ..the way our house is situated we face the north west the back of our house gets all the oncoming weather ..and we definitely have a view of it coming over the mountain range that divides us from the ocean.

The storm has now come to a halt ... and we are waiting for the next part of it to head through...while I was sitting here looking out the sky opened up beautifully and I captured a beautiful shot I wanted to share with all of you.

This is a little of what this first storm left us ...some standing water outside our slider doors on our patio.

And off to the South West ...the skys are darkening and the next portion of the storm is rolling in...

Oh ....and lookie what all the fun the weather brought our way...I have been working on new offerings for the shop all day and went upstairs to my work room and as I was picking through some old hardware find ..I heard a drip drop .. I looked up and sure enough the ceiling had bubbled and was leaking....
We called our rental agency and they promptly sent someone out ..and have it temporarily fixed until the rains quit ...then I'm sure we will get to have more workmen out to fix this hole in the ceiling.


I just looked at the forecast on MSN weather for our area and once again they have changed it ..early this morning there was rain forecast through next wednesday it's through Saturday and the percentages for the remainder of the week have dropped significantly ...I'm telling you that doppler machine they use worthless ...LOL !!!

Well Rain ..and cloudy skies seems to bring the desire for Hot Soup to one's soul ...and that's what we are having for dinner tonight ...Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup ...It's cooking away on the stove ..Abbey prepared it this afternoon ...she's an amazing home cook . I can't wait to sit down in my chair tonight ..throw a segment of mythbusters on and have my soup and a nice roll with butter on it...


Wishing you a Beautiful Evening with your loved ones ..

Your Kindred Friend ..Sara


  1. the storm just left about an hour ago...what winds, my parents big tree just broke...I hate when tree go down. The movie was great!!! we loved it...if you don't mind blood, then go see it...Denzel Washington's character has a book, the bible, and its after the war, and I don't want to tell you anymore, but it was really good, my kids and I will buy it and watch it again.

  2. Girl, yall are gettin a lot of rain!
    I'm so sorry about your leaky roof. Hope nothing got ruined in your work room.

    Your pictures are so pretty. Makes me long for SPRING!
    Abbey's soup sounds so good. ESPECIALLY that buttered ROLL. Now confess.. did you really eat just one? lol

    Sara, how do I change the font on my blog to something cool like yours? I think you used to have another one I liked as well.
    STAY DRY... want me to send you the puddleducks? They'd love it there.


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