Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Storm Filled Day !!!

I Know I'm a nut ...but I love the Rain and Rain Storms ..I love it when the wind rushes through the trees and I love when the rain is blown sideways ..I love to here the rain pound against the earth ...I love the smell and the feeling of it ...It brings about a calm excitement in me and at the same time a wonderful peaceful feeling when I lay my head against my pillow in the evening.


As Many of you I'm sure know from watching t.v. news in CA we've been getting pummeled with rain storm after rain storm ...Today was definitely the worst ...and produced a steady amount of rain for hours upon hours has only just let up and I'm to understand we are in for another 24 hours of it ...I can't say I'm sad about that I'm enjoying it thoroughly.

Today the rain played havoc on the lake that is directly behind our house ...and filled it to overflowing's a 2 acre lake with a 2 mile circumference of concrete walking trails.

Directly behind the house and looking across the lake ..the water was rising and just crested on to the walking trail.


Just across from our place on the other side of the lake ..the water had covered the trail and was brimming up to the light pole and the slope behind the houses ...


Just outside our slider doors ...a nice pond was forming which we had to use buckets to remove it wouldn't flood the house ...LOL !!!


Just Behind our house these benches sit next to the lake ..I went upstairs on our deck to take this picture ...this side of the lake in the 4 years we have lived here has never crested ...that's how much rain we have had this week.



A closer shot of the water rising ....


Early this morning we noticed the birds flying to all our feeders looking for food ..we went and filled all the feeders ..and the birds were coming from far and wide to fill their sweet little bellies ...When I went upstairs to take pictures of the lake ..I was suprised to find a whole flock sitting on our patio cover ...


This was a wide shot of the lake ...through the bathroom window's hard to see but the water in the lake was being blown heavily by the wind and waves were being made was really quite exciting to watch .. A little while after I took this picture ..a break in the clouds came and sun came out for about 15 minutes ..a guy in a khayak was out on the lake ...Looked like fun to me !!


Well it's Cold and Windy the sky is growing darker and more rain is on it's way ..I'm savoring each moment and enjoying the time we have with rain ....

Your Kindred Friend ...Sara


  1. Row row your boat, I hope everything is well. We already had some trees falling, good thing it was in the field and I lost my Roosty. (Rooster)

  2. wow, that lake is getting FULL!!! I guess there are more storms coming, you better get a

  3. on our side of town,,all the streets are closed and flooded....people were driving through the neighborhood trying to find a way out,,glad I didn't have to go anywhere!..I like the rain too...


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