Monday, June 10, 2019

Life is about Moments ....

Good Monday morning to you all .. I'm praying for a beautiful week with lots of joy in it .. cause who doesn't like a life filled with some joyful moments... Sometimes you have to create your own joyful moments and recently I have done that. Some of you know and others may not that my parents and I share our home together. I was the young gal .. now middle aged ( did I just really say middle aged ? ) that stayed single, no children ( just fur babies) and ended up finding that my parents and I were and still are the best of friends. Anyhow recently I found a great blog through another FB page that shared about it ... some of you may know it "Sean of the South". He writes short columns/ snippets about his life, his family and those he meets along life's highways and biways .. he captures the true heart of man, the reality of life and touches on how we just need to be "KIND" ... and I have to say I love his blog and style of writing. I shared it with my mom and of course she loved it too .. so each night I read 1 page from his blog which amounts to about 10 stories .. out loud to her ..It takes me a little over 1/2 an hour or so .. it works out for both of us because I love to read be it silently to myself or out loud and as she's grown older she has a hard time reading for any long period of time .. she in fact listens to a lot of books online. I was reading aloud the other night and it dawned on me we were creating a moment, a joyful one, one neither of us will forget. That moment sorta found us but was created by a choice I made to do something I knew she would love. So when you think your to busy or to tired or to anything and you have a chance to create a moment be it with a loved one or even a total stranger .. don't pass it up. Life is very short .. it goes by so quick .. don't miss the special moments ..

And if you get a moment be sure and visit Sean of the South Blog or FB page .. His stories will change your heart...

Have a great week Y'all ..
Until Next Time
Sweet Blessings


  1. Lovely. Each moment becomes a precious memory to always recall when needed. I try to capture as many as possible. I will check out the blog. Thank you.

  2. Sara...just lovely! I am a 51 year old Momma who is learning to let go as my children are moving into new phases of their beautiful lives!I have been asking the Lord to help me look at my days, my world and my blessings with eyes like His. Your words today spoke deeply to my heart- I'm looking for some new beautiful moments/routines! Ah, the simple joys!! The Lord bless you, your folks and fur babies, too!

  3. What a blessing that you and your mum are so close, making these special moments. And moments count. I'm so close to my Blossom and I totally understand what you describe here. She reads the Bible to me when I visit her (and her little toddler girls) and I read to her. It's so precious. Making memories matter. x


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