Wednesday, June 19, 2019

All new Vintage Goodness at "The Vintage Peddler"

Well keeping shop is always a lot of work .. from finding antique and vintage goods that you love and hope other will love.. to cleaning, tagging, bookkeeping, hauling, and decorating and I'm sure I left a few other things out .. it's not all fun and games. 

Over my 20 + yrs of selling vintage and hand made's I can't tell you how many times I have run into gals that say they are going to get shop space because it looks like so much fun .. Well it is fun but there's a whole lot more to it than fun. It's a never ending daily job that's a lot of work and if you sell online too like I do .. my hours are all day every day .. the door doesn't close at 5 .. cause all Y'all .. get home from work or the gym or pickin' up the kids and then need to ask questions or want quick shipping and there I am at 9 at night wrapping up some goodies to get them out quick so I can make all Y'all Happy ! .. And that's my pleasure.. no complaints here .. I love what I do .. and wouldn't want to do anything else .. but just sharing that it's a full time job and it's not always fun .. most the time but it has it's moments when you just look and thing what am I doing ? 

Well I am having so much fun and I've got lots of work to go with that fun ... with my new shop space at The Vintage Peddler. 

In years past I've always had big spaces like 12 x 14  etc .. that's a lot of space to fill and keep filled. 
This new shop space is 4 ft deep x 12 ft long .. I wondered how I wold like having a shallow long space since I've never worked with those dimensions before .. well I'm loving it .. and Now that I said that about the dimensions it's come to mind that Abbey and I used to do Glitterfest long ago and we set up on 8 foot tables and then went up so this is sorta similar and I loved the challenge Glitterfest was so that's probably why I'm loving this space ..

Anyhow I'm just jibber jabbering on about a whole lot of nothing .. I wanted to share with y'all that this last weekend my shop space got it's first revamp since opening it. I was so blessed to sell my big cupboard and with that sold It opened the door for me to add a few more cupboards and lots of new vintagey goodness .. 

So here it is Enjoy ..

If you would like to visit our shop space .. it is located in "The Vintage Peddler" antique Mall in Springfield, MO 1432 E. Trafficway.

Until Next Time
Sweet Farmhouse Blessings 


  1. oh I LOVE it, especially with those patriotic touches. I have to get back down there!

  2. Thanks for the Eye Candy. I always love to visit your shop from my chair in Texas. I wish
    I could visit you for real. Best Wishes!

  3. You have your shop space looking beautiful, welcoming...inviting. Oh how I wish I didn't live half a world away. xx


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