Friday, June 28, 2013

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Well it's the countdown to 4th of July.. This coming Thursday !
Happy Birthday America !
I went through our Antique Patriotic File today and found a few of my Favorite pieces to share with all of you ..
This First Piece is actually a little booklet with all the flags preceding our flag as we know and love it today . The Front cover is just beautiful ..and I love that it was actually a little giveaway booklet by Chase and Sanborn Tea and Coffee .. Gosh this was way back, when companies were not afraid to honor the America we live in !

I love the early 1900's cards with the Victorian women on them .. She is so beautiful with her sparklers ...and I must admit I love the color of the dress she is wearing ..

This piece being a post card ..I decided to share the back .. 

It is Adressed to: Miss Mattie Bath 704 S. 8th St Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
It Reads:....
July the 3rd
Dear Mattie I will send you a few fircrackers to celebrate the forth   Gramma Simpson is hear she is warming her self by the kitchen stove it is cold this morning   I ...... for he and Mrs Gabus goat a little daughter from aunt Annie
I love reading the backs of old post cards ..

This Post Card is WWII era .. I have several that go along with this one that are more war time oriented.
And lastly ... This Old Notepad has a beautiful front page ...
Old Glory
With a poem just below it ...

The Poem Reads:
As I float from my steeple,
or flap from the mast
Or droop O'er the sod
where long grasses nod
My names is as old as
the glory of God
James Whitcomb Riley
I have also provided this in PNG format and removed the background for your pleasure !

Rather you are celebrating this weekend or next .. these are charming pieces to print and use as table decorations ... Print them out on card stock .. then use a fork and place it with the handle in a little pot of  daisies on the table and add the image inbetween the tines of the fork ...
Or how about some cute place cards ..
Making home made Cookies or Hand pies ..these would be charming add to the individual serving packages ..
Giving 4th of July Gifts .. what charming tags these would make ..
And I'm sure you all can think of a zillion more ways to use them ...
~ Enjoy ~
(Be sure to checkout our Free printables page for more vintage clip art)
~ P.S. if your new to grabbing images all you need do is click on the image then right click on the image and choose the option "Save to my Pictures" )


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely cards. They are great.
    Have a Happy 4th.
    I have a Daisy arrangement in the beautiful Ball Canning jar I won. I went out and bought a 6 pack and have been putting flowers in them and giving them as little gifts when invited over to dinner at someone house. Everyone LOVES them. Thanks so much.

  2. Beautiful and thank you for sharing:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Appreciate you sharing the 7/4 cards with us. They make great banner cards. Love to make banners/garlands for holidays.

  4. Love these printables! Just made a 4th of July banner. These would have been great. Thanks for sharing them. I only have one old Americana postcard. I pick up old postcards whenever I find them. Love reading the backs too.

  5. These are fabulous - thanks for sharing!


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