Monday, July 1, 2013

Vintage VS New .. Sewing to a New Tune ...

Goodbye 1970's ... Hello 2013 !!!

Last weekend I said goodbye to sewing as I have known it for the last 5 years. My sweet little 1970's " Sir King James" Sewing Machine just wasn't working properly. In the previous months I had been having trouble with it working correctly and had taken it to a local repair shop only to have it returned to me telling me there was not a thing wrong with it. I was a bit dismayed to hear that diagnosis as the upper tension had to be set on a 2 to work and while sewing the upper tension would tighten and loosen all on it's own ..I had thread breakage galore which wasn't normal and lastly it was making the most terrible clanking noise .. So bad that it was almost impossible to sit behind it and sew without wanting a pair of ear plugs.

I had purchased the machine at an estate sale 5 years ago for just $18- ... it was in beautiful working order so quiet and sewed beautifully. Although I must say I had nothing to compare it to except Mom's 1960's machine and I liked it a whole lot better than hers !

Well I could stand the problems no longer and opted to try a new sewing machine fix it shop .. This time they turned it on tried sewing on it and were aghast that I had been told there was nothing wrong with it. I felt a sigh of relief wash over me .. finally someone else was confirming what I knew and I felt like now I would get some help.

My help came in the form of pure honesty ..I was told they could fix it .. most likely it was abent rod or a gear that was no good etc ... but the cost was really not worth it . I have to admit I hesitated because all I have ever heard is how great the vintage machines are with their metal gears, rods, and heads compared to newer made machines with all plastic parts that break easily over time.

I was in good hands though at my new found shop .. they told me all the pros and cons of old machines and new machines and the difference between the brand they offered and other which I pretty much knew and were more than willing to do the work to get my little "Sir King James" back on the road and working again ..but they are also a dealer for Janome Sewing Machines .. and they gave me a tour of the machines and showed me how the machines worked... and so on. We started out looking at the Janome Magnolia .. now how befitting was that with our "Sweet Magnolias Farm" name ! But alas we decided on a different model ..because of the amount of sewing I do and felt it would be a better fit for long term use plus it had a few extra's that appealed to me.

So Here's the thing I came home literally petrified of my new machine. Going from a  basic machine with manual dials and the little R for reverse button to now a completely computerized machine and let's just say this wasn't $18- and I was terrified of breaking it ...

I placed it on my sewing table ... and for the first evening walked by it and wondered how I would even begin to learn how to use it ...

By the next morning I was ready to jump in and figure it out .. Abbey and I read the entire manual together and Voila .. I was up and running again .. and "Oh My Heavens" ... I'm so loving this modern 2013 machine .. This girl isn't going back to vintage anytime soon !

Don't get me wrong .. I still think vintage machines are wonderful .. but I think they have their place in the sewing world .. depending on what type of sewing and how much you are doing ..then there can be I think a point you have to look at New Vs Vintage ..and what best fits you.

So Here's my New Machine ...

I love that it has simplicity in the computerized interface. Not an over abundance of buttons ..and everything is really simple to use once you read the manual it isn't so overwhelming and becomes so simplified you wonder why you were so afraid of it ..LOL !

I came home the day I purchased it hoping I was given a fair deal on it .. and I was ..Plus the shop through it a wonderful Ruffler .. Free Thread...  and 3 ~ 2 Hour Classes that will teach me how to use it more in depth. It comes with a whole slew of feet ..that I'm actually looking forward to using. Plus .. this machine is for heavy duty sewing ..Long hours and it sews through many thicknesses which is a biggie for me. I have already sewn several orders and a few new items I am getting ready to list in the shop ..and I couldn't be more thrilled with how everything looks and how well it sews .

. No Reverse needed .. it self locks the stitch by just pushing a button ..You no longer need to turn the wheel in order to place the needle in the fabric to begin sewing .. by the simple press of a button the needle drops into place .. Sigh "I'm in heaven" .. Oh and did I mention that the bobbin winder has it's own motor and winds the thread onto the bobbin with pure perfection and in just a few seconds.

This machine even has an automatic thread cutter .. no scissors needed when sewing .. and top loading bobbin with a see through plate so you know when the bobbin thread is coming to an end .. Sigh .. I could go on about so many things I already love about it .. !!!

Plus I can't be happier that it has really great reviews everywhere I go online.

So if you're in the market for a sewing machine Janome seems to me to be the machine . It has a metal head and parts inside .. I will say it isn't a lightweight machine .. but that's o.k. with me I'm not planning on traveling with it .. and the simpler less expensive Janome machines for those who sew periodically are equally  as good and also have some truly fabulous options on them as well ..I would definitely have went with the Magnolia if I didn't put the machine through hours and hours of sewing and rigorous thicknesses of material.

Well I'm off to sew ...

I'll talk to you all in a few days ... 


  1. Congrats on your new machine. It looks wonderful and with all the sewing you do I am sure this will be so much better. I do not sew but I have my old Sears Kenmore sewing machine from High School and when I want to sew a straight line it works great!!! Glad you got something that was an easy transition.

  2. How exciting Sara! So happy for you! I am sure you will get to know your new machine really fast and you will be the best of friends! I love hearing the "humming" of a sewing machine! I have been making little tissue holders lately!

    Hope all is well you and Abbey. We are good here! Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July!

    Lots of hugs,

    1. Thanks So much Maryjane .. I too love the humming of a sewing machine now with my new one we are back to that lovely hum instead of clanking .. LOL !

  3. I cannot wait to see all the beautiful things she sews. :)
    blessings to you.

    1. Thanks so much Louis .. what a sweet compliment !

  4. wow!!!! looks like you need a degree, all that computor!!! its amazing!!!

    1. I thought the same thing Stefanie ... but was surprised to find I don't .. wow who would of thought a modern machine that you don't need a degree for ..LOL !

  5. Sara,
    I bought a Janome serger back in the 90's - still going strong! Then I bought a used Memory Craft 5000 many years ago - also sews like a dream. You are right, they are heavy, but made well. I am glad you are enjoying it. I always enjoy your projects.
    Happy sewing!

  6. Lucky you!! I know you will sew up some amazing things with your new machine. I need one also, but it isn't in the foreseeable future...someday. :)

  7. Congratulations on your purchase! Sounds like a good fit for you:) Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

  8. Congratulation on your new sewing machine. I don't sew much anymore but if I did I would be getting one like you have.
    Happy sewing......

  9. Congrats! I, too, was so scared of my new Singer Futura because my old machine was an oldie, but a goodie. Boy, do I love it! Especially the embroidery part. My second love is my serger - everyone should have one!

  10. Congratulations on your new machine, it sure looks like a beauty! I too, have a computerized machine and I love it and yes it is heavy! Have fun creating wonderful things on it!

  11. Happy for you, Sara!! Besides admiring that beautiful machine.....I admire a gal who can use it!! Blessings and a wonderful holiday~~~Roxie


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