Saturday, June 8, 2013

"overall" I miss you ....

I think it's time for overalls to make a comeback what about you ?
It's funny because I have had overalls on my mind for several months now .. wondering if they ever would make a big comeback to popularity like they were in the early 1990's.
I remember wearing them in denim, corduroy, and light weight cottons. They came in Pants, Shorts, long dresses and short dresses and I'm sure a myriad of other styles too.
They were comfortable ... I'm always for comfort .. Yet they were cute and just what I would call "Classic"
So I had been wanting to get a pair but hadn't truly gone out in search for them.
Last week when Abbey and I went to the Flea Market on Sunday we hit on a dealer that had just opened his van and put out a few boxes of nothing but antique clothes .. and what did my eyes behold at the bottom of a box .....
An authentic railroad  blue and white stripe pair of overalls.  I fell in love with them and along with several other pieces of vintage clothing they came home with me ..
I never even gave thought when I bought them if they would fit me .. at the time I was thinking vintage and what an adorable display they would make .. but after coming home and looking over our finds .. I held them up then tried them on and sure enough they fit .. and I couldn't be more thrilled.
So here's a few picts of my darling New Yet Truly Vintage Overalls .. please excuse the wrinkles as they need a little washing and pressing.

It's funny but ever since I was a young girl ..I much preferred a good pair of Jeans, or overalls to a frilly dress any day. Maybe growing up in the country with Horses and the fact mom encouraged me to make mud pies with her kitchen utensils and Tupperware could be why ..
Farm Girl was just born into me .. and the country is just the place I find the most comfort  in life just like the feeling of a good pair of overalls comfortable ..


Women wearing overalls hit a high in the 1940's when WWII was on and women were called to work jobs that were then attended to by men..

I love the style of overalls from that era .. and I loved that they belted them too ... although I'm not sure that would work for my waist line today .. but nonetheless it was so cute ..

I love the 3 gals above .. they have their overalls belted at the waist and look at those chickens they are carrying under each arm .. 

I imagine this gal was out working her 1940's Victory Garden .. and no less in her charming overalls .. Love her feminine blouse .. Rolled up legs .. and her Saddle Shoes.. I could definitely go for this style !

I imagine this image is new made to look old .. The gal is a bit more modern looking .. but I loved the patched overalls she is wearing .. It makes me want to find a pair cut them up and patch them up ..LOL ! 

O.k. so I want to claim this is me in this photo .. Well because she is just the most adorable thing ever ..and I want to be that adorable ..LOL !
She has on those true 1940's overalls with the fitted waist .. although they are so so cute ..I'm not sure in this day and age that many of us could sport that fitted and high of a waist .. that is unless we all go back to wearing corset's and girdles ..and get out of Low-rise Pants and hit the gym ..
But I would  definitely wear that charming gingham cotton blouse ..and that too too darling straw hat ... !
So here's to overalls and hoping they make a popular comeback ...but if they don't and you see a lone gal sporting a pair .. You guessed it .. It'll be Me ! I'm wearing what I love even if it's not the popular thing.
I always have been an upstream kind of gal ..
So do you girls have or wear overalls anymore ? 



  1. I have on a pair right now! I had seen them on Pinterest earlier this year and thought I would make a point to look for them in the thrift stores. Finally found a pair that fit! They are capri length so I am still looking for some long ones. I guess I never really gave them up because I have two short pairs. I love wearing them to work outside!

  2. I use to wear overalls in high school. I had some pretty fancy ones back then! But the one in the 40's are so cute! I wonder if my mom ever wore them.
    Would you believe I have a tub of overalls in my loft (attic) that belonged to my son. I just couldn't let go of those adorable Oshkosh overalls. My grandson could be wearing them now and I have got to pick him out some. Little boys looks so cute in a pair!

    IMHO, it is time for the low rise jeans to go out of style! They are something that not many can wear. I think they make woman look bigger and are not flattering to anyone.

    I love that pair you found at the flea market! Glad you were able to get them!

  3. These girls look adorable in these overalls! The overalls were made to reflect a womans femininity! The early designers always seemed to keep this in mind. My favorite is the girl in the garden with the saddle shoes...put me outside in the dirt anytime!! LOVE this post...and yes I have a pair I bought at CraCKER BARREL over 10 yrs ago with a red gingham shirt. I can't wear them anymore :( they are too big! But that's a GOOD thing :) Blessings~~~Roxie

  4. I still have a dress I made from a pair of overalls in the 70s! I wore it all the time, and had a peasant top I made to wear with them. I need to go dig that out and see if it still fits! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  5. That's a great pair of overalls you found! It pays to dig, doesn't it?
    I never got into wearing overalls. Not sure why, now that I think about it. I probably tried some, saw that I looked hideous in them and blocked that memory out of my mind. There is something about a man with natural farm muscles wearing a pair though.....

  6. I adore overalls!!! thats all my boys wore when they were little, so cute overalls and no shirt....I had lots for them, then one day while my son was in kindergarten he came home and told me..."I don't want to wear oberalls in more" hahahaha, I was so sad!!!!!

  7. I love overalls and miss them too! I wore them constantly...I think I still have my holey ones from the 90's! I would love to see them come back although I don't know if I'm too old for them now? 50ish? Hey, if you start a petition or somethin' to get them back, count me in!!

  8. Loved my overalls! Had about 4 pair that I purchased from the GAP in the 90's. My girls were horrified whenever I put them on to garden. Unfortunately got a hole in my last wearable pair from crawling around my crawl space last fall. I have not given up...they have a place of priorty on the sewing pile :)

  9. For some reason I never wore them but youngest daughter did quite often. She wore different style and lengths.
    I remember now why I didn't wear them. I have the holding power of a one year old, by the time I could get the straps down and over alls down it's too late. What can I say.
    Maybe in another life. They sure are cute tho. They'd be warmer in winter in CO and Mt.
    Will look forward to seeing a pic of you wearing your overalls. I'm a country girl now also. Started out as city slicker but once we moved on 20 acres in MT (from San Diego no less) I was a changed person, always did love going to country tho when I was a kid. You either love it or hate it I think. We live in country now also, no 20 acres but 1/2 acre. Happy days

  10. ha Sara,
    what a darling post..(:) the three gals behind view is cute with the chickens in tow

    my fox (:) him
    love junking for sure hugs..p

  11. I loved overalls back then too. I bet they'll come back around soon...everything does, right? :D

    Great old pics!!! What sweet looking farm gals! Come share at the party if you get a moment


  12. Oh how I loved wearing me some overalls back in my college days:)


  13. Sara, forgive me also commenting your post, although I'm a man !:) a man who love overalls and wear them all the time, especially well worn overalls found in thrift stores, soon ready for patching etc. and if you take a look at my blog, you will see that we are not alone in the love for overalls, no matter whether you are man or woman, young or old ! I have many very good female overall friends, and we have even invented a special celebration of our favorite clothing, an international overalls weekend, this year to be November 23-24 ! and the overalls you just found look really nice ! just ready to jump into and have fun, overall greetings Niels aka bibprofessor


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