Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday a New Beginning...

Good Monday Morning to Everyone !
What a beautiful Yet typical overcast or as I heard it being referred to growing up as "June Gloom" day we are having. I personally don't see it as Gloom. Here in Sunny CA.. we have just that sunny days pretty much every day of the year. For me I enjoy an overcast day, or even a rainy day when they come along. I Suppose too much of anything can get to be well too much and it's nice to have a change ..
This weekend I did something I haven't done in a long time and took 3 days off Friday ~ Sunday.
It's always a little nerve wracking to do so because that means I get behind in my work and I'm not one that likes to do that. But it's been so long since I have had any consecutive days off and really only about 3 days in the last few months that it had become a much needed thing.
Friday as you know I visited The Vintage Marketplace which was so fun, Saturday I loafed around the house and watched the series " Lark Rise to Candleford" ..Or I should say watched part of the series it's a long one. If you haven't seen Lark Rise to Candleford sure to look for it online for purchase. It's an English series set in the late 1800's about a tiny town and an outerlying hamlet .. tow being were the middle class and wealthy live and the hamlet the poor .. The story revolves around a post office mistress in the town of Candleford and the interactions of the folks from the hamlet .. it's a delightful series and a "Family" friendly series as well.
And Yesterday .. well it was a very unplanned day. Abbey and I had talked Saturday night about heading to a flea market Sunday morning but we talked ourselves out of it due to the heat which Abbey doesn't handle well .. By Sunday morning as I rolled out of bed Abbey was up bright and early and the weather for the area the flea market was located had changed drastically and would be overcast so we headed out last minute and spent the day shopping the flea market. We found a few things overall though not as many as we had hoped for. But it really wasn't all about the buying but more about just having a fun day out !.
So now that it's Monday it's time to get back in to the swing of things ..and play a little catch up on orders and enjoy this beautiful day the Lord has given us once again !

Yes I fell like singing this morning, because he truly has been good to me.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend ..


I pray you all have a Lovely Week Ahead ! ...


Don't forget to stop by Common Ground today for "The Marketplace" ..  


  1. Hi Sara, it's important to rest, relax and recharge. sounds like a wonderful weekend! I just had to pin that adorable birdie graphic! have a great week!

  2. Sara,
    You work so hard to I am glad to see you took some time for yourself. It sounds like you had a very relaxing and enjoyable week end. Hope you can find more of these times for yourself.

  3. I love Lark Rise to Candleford ,too! A lot of great British actors and the best costumes and scenery. You're so right! It is a winner!
    PS Love your blog!

  4. Glad you took some time off and enjoyed every minute of it. I'm sure you work so hard because everything is sooo beautiful! Enjoy your week back and YES, the LORD has been good to me too! Blessings~~~Roxie


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