Saturday, June 15, 2013

Free Printable Vintage Cookie Recipes ~ Cowboy & Raggedy Ann Cookies ..~

Over a Year ago while Abbey and I were out at a local estate sale ..we found 2 big wood Recipe boxes.. both filled to the brim with hand written recipes and recipes clipped from food boxes, wrappers, newspaper clippings and the like.
We can't pass up recipe boxes . .. and a few over the years have yielded some pretty unsavory recipes that caused us to scratch our head and ask ... Really ?
Then Other recipe boxes such as these ..just made you sit down and grow hungrier by the minute from the pot roast, to the Chili ..and of course the cookies.
Before we could go through one of the recipe boxes though we had to pull it out from underneath my sewing machine pedal .. I sit at a large work table to sew that is rather tall .. Great for cutting fabrics and working on projects because your not constantly bending over and getting a back or neck ache but a little odd for reaching the foot pedal of the sewing machine so I quickly remedied the long reach by placing the large wood recipe box just in the perfect spot under the table and placing my foot pedal on it well over a year ago..LOL ! Hey whatever long as my leg is now comfy when sewing.
So This week we reminisced through those old recipes and Found 5 Vintage Cookie Recipes that we thought had charming names or some fun ingredients or fun designs ... to share with you all.
 Feel free to save them and print them out. I have provided a cute Page Print out ..or below each page is the original recipe as it was found in the recipe box which can also be saved and printed easily.
~ Raggedy Ann Cookies ~

~ Cowboy Cookies ~
(we found these cookies are also know as Roy Rogers cookies and Laura Bush Cookies and have a popularity in the Great State of  Texas)

~ Quick Chocolate Chip Cookie Sticks ~
(we loved how you bake these in to small sticks )

~ Oatmeal Raisin Cookies ~
( These are made with "Best Foods" Mayonnaise)
~ Cereal Cookies ~
( a little different from the rice krispy bars of today but the recipe looks good )
So have any of you gals Made these cookies ? Or did you grow up with Mama or Grandma baking them ? ... we would love to know ... Leave a comment and share a little Baking love...
 ~ ENJOY ~ 



  1. Oh how fun!! LOVE old recipe boxes when they aren't empty!! Most are that I run across. :(

  2. Sara,
    These are such fun recipes. Thanks for sharing these yummy cookies.

  3. Thank you for the recipes:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. I love cookie recipes, thanks for sharing!

  5. Sara, I've made the cereal cookies and oatmeal cookies; both good. Haven't made them in years though.

  6. Oh my gosh I am so excited to find the raggedy ann cookie recipe that I remember making as a kid but could never find the recipe again until now! Thank you thank you! Over the years I would get cravings for them and I actually searched through all my moms old recipes trying to find the recipe she cut out from the back of the C&H sugar box. Can't wait to go make them.

  7. Many times I have wished I never found this recipe. After a rough-ish day with my three children and a week of my youngest being sick, I made an 8×8 pan of these and ate almost the whole thing!

  8. I once had a recipe for "Cowboy Cookies", & can't remember how I came by it! Seems it was from someone who got it from a restaurant, out in our 'Mountain region', that was known for these cookies-but no idea who? or what restaurant?!)
    This was in the 80's, in Denver,CO. I was married with 3 small kids, 1 big husband & many friends who all loved those cookies. They were Amazing!
    They were made using an ice cream scoop to put on(ungreased?) cookie sheets making very large, thick cookies-about 6" across ×.75-1" thick! They were made with the chocolate chips,'Old Fashioned' oats, butter & brown sugar, but did not have coconut or any nuts.
    What made them So Special, besides their size, was when baked at our high altitude(& obviously longer than regular cookies) & cooled, they were Slightly soft/chewy throughout (even for a few days-if you hide them well enough to have any left that long!) AND had a Light CRISPY! NOT Crunchy! outside! I've Never! had any other cookies be both thick AND Delicately "CRISPY" outside & on edges!!
    I "lost" that recipe when I divorced my husband in the late 80's. I've tried everything I can think of to find That 'COWBOY COOKIES' recipe without luck. I've also tried 'tweaking' many similar recipes thru the years without success. I'm happily going to try this recipe soon!
    I'm also Asking if you folks would be kind enough to let me know if you Have Now, or Ever Do run across ANY other versions of a "giant" chocolate chip & oatmeal "Cowboy Cookie", Please?
    It will mean more than you can imagine! Maybe, I'll be able to enjoy those Amazing cookies again, share them with everyone in my life & even be able to pass on that "Big Cowboy Cookie" recipe to my grown kids! Brightest Blessings & Thanks!
    Karen : )


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