Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A few of my Favorite Things ....

Today as the day grew warmer with temps beginning to rise this week well into the 100's .. it brought back memories of summer's past. It reminded me of some of my favorite things and got me to reminiscing and dreaming of days gone by and the dreams that still lye within my heart ..

 ~ Picket Fences and Daisies ~

Be it a beautiful and pristine white picket fence or a tattered and worn one ..I love them all. There is something that touches my heart in seeing a picket fence .. they contain a little bit of dreamland . I can pass by dozens of houses in my nearby neighborhoods and the few that have the picket fence lining the drive and the yard ..those are always the houses that draw me in .. I can't say why but for me a picket fence dressing the front of a home .. surrounding a garden or lining a drive just speaks of home .
My Favorite flower is a daisy ... I love the fresh beauty of them and the simplicity ... I could have a yard full of daisies and pluck them one by one filling old pitchers and jars throughout the house with them each day .. Daisies make me smile ! 

~ Screen Doors ~

Yes Screen Doors are on my list of favorite things .. They are so welcoming.  From Simple to exquisite .. Painted or Wood .. They bring back memories of spring breezes ... summer days keeping the flys out  of the house ..and Fall days when the wind blows and just catches the screen and causes it to give a slight squeak or a quick slam ... 

~ Fresh Orange Juice ~

On a warm summer day a refreshing glass of orange Juice in the morning is definitely on the favorite's list for starting out the day ... It's a little punch of flavor that get's the body moving ...

~ Sunflowers ~

I remember when we lived in Missouri on our farm .. starting a small Sunflower patch .. Planting each seed and watering them ..and watching them shoot up high into the sky ... Sunflowers are certainly a favorite ...

~ Horses~

I grew up with horses ..and started out on a little pony named "Buttercup" ..and then graduated to  mama's horse "Sugar " .. and later enjoyed my own horse "Autumn".  I love horses they are gentle giants .. I love their nibbling lips when eating bits of apple or grain from my hand .. I love their wiggly lips and big breaths against my cheek .. and I love the sound of their hooves against the ground and the gentle sway when sitting upon them and slowly riding out over a country field ..
They without question will always hold a high spot on my favorite's list ...

~ Full Moons over the Countryside ~

I was absolutely blessed to have lived in Missouri on a 40 acre farm for a short time.... in that time I was so thrilled to experience the light of a full moon shining on a hay field. From our 40 foot long porch filled with rockers, lanterns burning with citronella and flower boxes with their summer blooms .. an evening spent rocking, reading and listening to the crickets while being in awe of the moonlight shining so bright on our hay field is a memory that is an absolute favorite of mine .. and I pray that one day very soon The Lord will bless us with the opportunity to return to the countryside for good. I long to enjoy that full moon on the hayfield once again .. It's a site I should never tire of ..

~ Porch Sittin ~

As  a young girl I was always in a hurry to do this or that to go here or there .. to talk to this person or that one .. to blast the music loud as can be or sit in front of the t.v. drinking in the programs stealing away life ...
And then I found porch sitting... and it's a life changer . Learning to relax .. to shut out the fast paced world that trys to thieve your days away .. to actually sit quietly with your thoughts, to enjoy the song of a bird ..or watch it's flight or landing on a fence post. To enjoy the antlers of a deer slightly peering out the top of the tall overgrown field and realizing how perfectly God made it so that it truly blends in to the surroundings it lives in .. To watch the squirrel scampering up and down the tree carrying twigs and odd little bits back and forth .. and to here the mew of the barn kittens romping through the grass rolling and playing with each other ... Or to simply close your eyes and let your body just be for as long as you choose ... not being a slave to time or work ...Just enjoying life and God's creation ..
Porch Sitting a true favorite of mine ..
So what are some of your favorite things ..?
What makes your heart smile, what makes you dream, what memories bring back times of joy and happiness ?

I hope you have enjoyed a few of my favorite things ...



  1. My favorite flower is also the daisy, with black eye Susans and sunflowers coming in second. So, I love that gorgeous wreath. Isn't summer wonderful!

  2. Nothing better than farm living! That is how I was raised and the memories are awesome! I enjoyed all of your pictures of your favorite things! Porch sitting is one of my favorites:) Have a blessed day dear Sara, HUGS!

  3. alllllll... those precious favorite things remind me of summers on my grandmothers farm...... a small 60 acre farm in South Ga. I absolutely loved being there!!! screen doors slamming..... corn stalks moving with the breeze...sweet iced tea ... sitting on the swing on her front porch!!! To this day... I still smile when I think of those summer days.... (Porch sitting is one of my very favorites as well!!) Thank you for sharing!!!!

  4. Loved this post! I too love sunflowers and porch sitting. Love all of the pictures!

  5. Thank you for this walk down memory lane.....I feel like we are kindred spirits. My favorite things: screen doors of all my favorite peoples homes growing up, mountain daisies in the lawn at the cabin, wild flowers, my horse was named Bullet he was my best friend....I love the smell of horses. Bullet and I would spend most of our summers and Saturdays on long rides. Have a very blessed day!!

  6. Afternoon Sara, This post has tugged at my "heart strings"! The one thing I noticed about your favorites is the color "yellow"! Daisies, sunflowers, orange juice, a yellow screen door, etc.....a very cheerful and happy color! Porch sitting is on the top of my list, porch swings (especially the vintage pink one in my header, hubby repurposed) beautiful old barns and the country side.....the smell of hay, lightning bugs, crickets chirpin and an owl hooting every now and then......the way should be! Blessings~~~this made me smile! Roxie

  7. Favorites of mine: daisies, picket fences, screen doors & porches with rockers & porch swings, ice tea in a mason jar, pin curling my aunt Louise's hair while she snapped peas for dinner & last but not least, catching lightening bugs in a mason jar with holes poked in the lid. My daddy always made me turn em' loose before we went in for the night. Sweet, sweet memories & a few of my favorite things!

  8. so beautiful..all (:) am crazy about
    that wood..weathered gate and

  9. Sara,
    What a happy cheerful post. Love the picture of the horses. They are just gorgeous creatures. Love all your sweet pictures.

  10. What a sweet post, I loved hearing of your past memories and what they mean to you. I guess a couple of my favorite things lately are watching the different birds in my yard find their places to nest and seeing new flowers spring up in places I did not plant them ;). XO Christie

  11. Lovey post :). Enjoyed reading every single line. Surprisingly, I too share some of your favorites like daisies, sitting on a porch and enjoying God's wonderful creations. Beautiful pictures go along well with the post ;).

  12. I totally enjoyed reading about your favorite things as many of them are mine as well. I love the way you described picket fences as feeling like home, my favorite flower is the daisy and sunflowers and you got it exactly with the screen door,...I especially love the screen door of a cottage in the summer. I didn't grow up on a farm or around horses but loved horseback riding in my younger years. I have to work on just sitting on my porches....always too busy now!


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