Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet Magnolias Farm .. Sew Sew Honored to be Published "Somerset Home" Volume 7

It's been a whirlwind of a last 2 weeks ..between lots of work ..and a few field trips for Abbey and I to some far off destinations .... We came home last week to an exciting treat in our mailbox ...

The New Volume 7 Somerset Home Magazine ...

And we are so Honored to have been chosen to be part of it.

We had been counting down the weeks and days ..thrilled to see the Beautiful Pictures and Layout that Somerset Home had taken of our Sweet Magnolias Farm Original "Burlap Runners and Placemats." in print in our very own hands... 

There's nothing like seeing the work of your hands layed out in beautiful images by professional photographers. By No means could I ever picture our runners or placemats as beautifully as they have captured them with the lens of their camera and with the layout of the designer.

Above is the front Cover of the New Volume 7 Somerset Home Mag. you can grab your copy HERE  Or get your copy at your local Barnes and Noble or Hobby Shop on Shelves August 1st ...

And Below is the opening 2 pages of the article on my inspiration on creating and designing our Runners and Placemats... There are another 4 pages that you can check out in the magazine ...

And of course beyond our meager portion ..are an amazingly large handful of Lovely Artisans who have also had their creations and design published too ...

In Fact our Sweet Rita Reade of Mammabellarte has had 3 of her designs published in this magazine as well ... and you can check out her post on them HERE  ....

 Rita even shares about how getting published is not about Fame .. it's all about sharing your work .. Many women who design and create product in this big world of ours are so blessed to have the oppurtunity to create for themselves their family and their friends .. For Rita... Like Myself and Abbey .. our designing and Creating is our Love but it is our way we make our living .. So Being published helps us share not only our Love but it helps us share with others that they can have a piece of what we do because it's our business too ..

And Yes no matter rather you are a stay at home Mommy .. Grandma to 1 or 20 ... A young Single gal .... Or even you Men .. Rather your design for the Love of it or for Business too can submit to have your works of the heart published too by just turning to page 142 in the Somerset Home Mag... and as Rita Say's it gives you detailed instructions "So get your stuff together and try it " ... LOL !!!


Abbey and I would Like to Thank Beth Livesay for choosing our runners and placemats .. and to the Stampington art team who made such a beautiful Layout and took such beautiful photography ! Once again we are So thrilled and So Very Honored

P.S. Thanks to Rita for the photos above ..without her scanning them and sending them to me ..this post just wouldn't have happened quite yet ...

Wishing you all a Beautiful August ... It's just about Fall Y'all ...

And coming up this week ..we'll be sharing out Theme for the upcoming September Vintage Marketplace ... Let's just say we hope you Love the Great Outdoors....


P.S. .... I know alot of you have sent me e-mails saying you are unable to leave comments ... Today Debra of Common Ground gave me the advice to remove my word verification option for leaving a comment to see if that would work girls if you've tried before and been unsuccessful ..Please feel free to try again and see if this happens to clear up the issue .. If not ..I think i'll be looking into hiring someone to try and work out the kinks ..



  1. Oh congratulations...such wonderfully exciting news. I just can't imagine how thrilled you must be.

  2. Hi Sara,
    I wanted you to know I had so much fun at the Vintage Marketplace in June. Your booth was so cute. I love my ironing board and cover I bought from you. I mentioned it today on my blog. Will look for you again in Sept.


  3. I got your post. I am really fortunate to have you, Mamma Abbey, Papa Fred and Flossie in my life! We are growing together. Ciao Rita

  4. This is awesome!!!! Congratulations!!! :)

  5. Congratulations Sara & Abbey! So very happy for you both and well deserved! Must order my copy!!! xox

  6. congrats!!! I also just saw your feature in Romantic Homes!!! hooray for you!!!!

  7. Congratulations on getting your products into the magazine. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find anywhere that sells the Somerset Homes magazine here in the UK. This especially annoying as so many of my blogger 'friends' (which now includes you thanks to Common Ground Vintage) have pictures etc in there.
    Well done x

  8. Congratulations on your Summerset Home feature!! Well deserved. Thanks much for your sweet comments and stopping by my blog! :)


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