Friday, September 3, 2010

We're still here !!!

Hello to all our Blog land friends ...It seems like it's been forever since I last posted and yet I think it's only been about 2 weeks ...but that's still a long stretch for me to go without posting.

We haven't been watching the flowers grow ...although about right now I could really take a nice few days in a lounge chair right next to the ocean and watch the waves crash .,.but that isn't going to happen ...LOL !!!

Abbey and I have been feverishly working ...Yes working ..creating all kinds of new offerings and out treasure tramping finding all new vintage gems ..Junk and tattered one of a kinds.

If you've forgot ...we haven't ..

Just 2and a half short weeks from now ..we'll hopefully be seeing all you gals at the Chateau de Fleurs show in Fallbrook. Yes once again the time has arrived's time to start celebrating the fall.

You'll have to come see our shop ...the theme this marketplace for "Sweet Magnolias Farm" is ..... "HOME AGAIN "

It always seems that this time of year we star looking back inside ..the sun set's early and our bodies naturally crave a big cozy chair and a lazy evening.

This is the time we begin to evaluate our living spaces ..time to set out the old and bring in the new ..time to begin decorating for the hoidays and celebrating the change of the seasons here in this beautiful land God has given us...

So be sure to step back and evaluate those nooks and crannies ..that old table you've been wanting to change out ..that picture on the wall you would love to replace ..and refreshing some of those holiday decor items with something fresh and new to your home.

Be sure to get the measurements down on paper ..and then prepared to visit the Chateau De Fleurs Market Place on ....

And Don't forget to bring the SUV or Truck ...your shopping cart ..and some good walking shoes ...and come for a wonderful experience in a Beautiful Setting Under the Trees ..and in the Country ...Where Life's Good !!!


Only a few short 13 days after Chateau ..Abbs and I are headed to Glitterfest in Santa Ana, CA.

We were thrilled to have been picked for this show ..and of course are a bit nervous and excited at the same time.

At Glitterfest we will be offering many of artistic wares ..Our Farmhouse Romance Aprons ..Totes, Lamps, Pillows, Paper Roses, and some vintage goods mixed in... all this on an 8 ft. table ..Yes we are getting creative on how to present all this in such a small space but we are up for a good challenge any time.

If your local and have never been to Glitterfest ...I highly reccomend going..Our first trip to it was this last spring...and we were very impressed with the quality artisans and wares that were being offered. It's a One of a Kind Show where you will find One of a Kind pieces for your home ..from Jewelry to clothing to altered art ..mixed media ...Home and holiday decor.
The Show lasts just 5 hours on a Saturday Oct. 2nd.

For more about Glitterfest be sure to click below on the flyer.


So all that being said ...we have been very Busy Bees around here the last weeks. It takes a massive amount of time to prepare beyond everyday tasks we've been a little quiet on the blogging front ...

I'll be sharing some sneek peeks at new offerings headed to the shows in the next week...

In the meantime ...Hope your all staying cool's been well over a 100 the last few days here but we are forecast for cooler weather starting Sunday ..Yippee...

Until Next Time ..wishing you all Sunshine Dreams and Lazy Daze ...

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