Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Set UP

It's been a busy Sunday Afternoon here at Sweet Magnolias Farm ...

Abbey and I have been working all day on our Glitterfest set up ...

For those of you who haven't been or live far away ...Glitterfest isn't your typical artisans show ...where you get a 10 x 10 space to set up in. Here your challenge is to set up on an 8 ft. x 30 inch wide table ...

Well I love love love to create displays ..I would have loved to live in the day when there were downtown shopping areas ..stores lining the sidewalks and everyone created window displays to gauk over. Yes's always been a little dream of mine to dress store window's. Vintage or Modern ...I would love to have free reign to create awesome window displays ..I'm always coming up with even mechanical displays ..if only I had the knowledge of motors and gears so they could come to life ..

Well that all said ...the challenge to find the right display for our Farmhouse Aprons, Lamps, Paper Roses, Upcycled jewelry ...and some other vintage finds ..was a little challenging but just overall fun to create and see it come to life ..

We started gathering from the house the yard and the shed ...pieces that worked in the dimensions allowed ...and we're sitting here thrilled with how it's coming along....

I thought you all might like a little sneek peek at our work in progress ...remember the work in progress part this isn't a finished table ...but it's on it's way and even has more done since I shot this last photo.

The dresser in the center is a tiny piece and fit's perfectly's my Trash to Treasure find ...a few weeks back I was headed out early on a Monday Morning ...which is trash day around here ..just as I was making my left turn to head to the main intersection ..I spied a giant pile of trash in front of a house matresses and all kinds of household junk ...and my eyes didn't decieve me I did see a cut little piece of furniture ...sure enough....

the dressed had no drawers was just as you see it ...and the first thing I thought was that I was sure it was going to be the piece to display our aprons for glitterfest and sure enough it's perfect !!!

I have a little work to do on it tomorrow to get it where it needs to be it's just been holding it's spot for size and so we could envision the rest of the table and how everything is going to work ...

We have to get it all layed out just as it's going to be put together next Saturday Morning ..we have 1 hour and a half to complete our set up ..which isn't much time we're charting where everything goes so it's a basic A B C set up ...a first for us ...Usually I just like to take everything to our larger shows and begin setting it up as I get inspired by the pieces...but we know better than to do that with this show.

Well if your nearby I hope we see you at Glitterfest ...Just look for Sweet Magnolias Farm ..and come by and say Hi to Abbey and I (Sara).

If your faraway ..well I hope I have a chance to get pictures for you all ..I'll try my hardest !!!
Well back to work ...there's more to do and more to get ready ...and just maybe some more pictures to come before the show to share with you all ...

Wishing you all Beautiful Days filled with Beautiful Surroundings ...



  1. I must say I am blown away by your talent...Sara, I love love love that you saw that dresser and knew, I mean REALLY? I also love and admire that I can learn from you both and how you are willing to share your talents/viwews...I miss you 2 and hope you are not working to hard.


  2. Well it already looks beautiful! Gives me some inspiration for the couple of craft shows I do around here.

  3. sara and abbey
    I love what you have done with your set up!!! Its beautiful can't wait to see the finished project at Glitterfest. Praying for you both this week.


  4. Awfully nice Sara, love those hidden treasures.

  5. its looking perfect!!!!
    you truly have a gift!


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