Monday, September 27, 2010

The Set Up day 2 and boy are we ready for some good Eats !!!

Well it's dinner time and boy are we Farm Girls HunnnngRY ...!!!

We've been workin all day getting our set up all prepared ..and of course as always things take longer than what you think ..Or at least us's all the details that Abbey and I get caught up in ..that's what makes a display special to us ...and we just can't overlook them...

I thought while we head out to get some good cookin just might like to have a sneek peek at where were at today ..and just maybe you might see somethin you just would love to come to Glitterfest for ..if nothing more than to have a really good time ...

So sit back and enjoy our few set up pictures .........

Sweet Dreams Y'all !!!


  1. Sara how beautiful. I loVe what you did with the dresser find without the drawers...PERFECT! Best Wishes this weekend with your show.


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