Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursdays Estate Sale Finds ...

Well this morning we went out early to see if we could find any good Estate sales or yard sales to go to and we found a few ..There wasn't an abundance to choose from this week ..but we found these sweet pieces ...

At the sale I got these gems from was packed ... one little tiny single wide mobile home ..and about 100 people trying to squeeze past one another was tight and a bit overwhelming to me this morning ..

The first things I layed my eyes on is that Photo Post Card in the back with the little boy and girl sitting on the donkey ..that was a must have right off ...Then I spied the little quadruplate cup in the bathroom has the name "Ruth" etched on one side and the year "1911" on the other ...well another must have ..

So I was standing in line waiting to pay for my little goodies and on the table at the checkout were all sorts of pictures ..The little girl in her wonderful dress was laying there I inquired if it was sold and it wasn't I was so excited ..!!! What made the whole purchase even better is ..when I picked up the picture to look at it ..the name "Ruth was on the bottom ..with the age 4 yrs old. So the picture goes with the childs cup ..isn't that the Best !!!!

The gal at the table told me that Ruth was born in 1906 ...which means the childs cup was given to her on her 5th birthday ... I love when I find things that are meant to go together ..and I am so glad that the childs cup and the picture will now be together ...I think they were waiting on someone like me to put them back together ...and that's why they had not been bought up as of when I arrived.

Going Treasure Tramping is always fun never know what you are going to find ..and that's the fun in it ..It's like going on a treasure hunt ..but the treasure to be found is a suprise ..The best suprise ever !!!

I found a love for antique treasures long ago ..there is a connection with them I cannot explain ..a Love of something once treasured by another ..the simple fact that something from long ago lives on and tells us a silent story....It's like telling the past you care about it ...and respect it ...and all it went through ..and that you aren't going to let it down.

I have been surrounded all my life by things of Old ..and I'm sure I will die surrounded by them as well ...the warmth ..the memories..the deep seeded emotion they arouse's a blessing's a curse's a passion ..It's who I am ! I hope that one day when I leave this place to join my heavenly father my mansion made just for me ...That someone will treasure the legacy ..the life ..the memories ..that I too shall leave...

May all your dreams come true my Friends ...

Blessings Kindred Friend and Fellow Treasure Tramp ...Sara


  1. Oh Sara, I hope so, too. I love being surrounded by things of old. I love that you got the cup and the photo. My own grandmother was born in 1906, so that hits home for me. So sweet. ~Mindy

  2. goodness, they are the best, the cup with the picture, how awesome, i've always loved old stuff too, i tell my children all the time, that these items meant something to someone, but see, you can't take them with you.

  3. Sara, thanks so much for stopping in and praying for my family. I really appreciate it.

  4. Lucky you...I love our estate sales here but sadly haven't been able to get out in a few weeks as I've had the the photos


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