Monday, September 21, 2009

Thirsty Anyone ?? My Favorite Drink of Late !

Well ..for those of you who live in the midwest and east have that handy little place called "Sonic" just about on every corner it seems.

Those are a scarce commodity where I live and the closest one just as of 6 months ago is a 20 mile round trip ..and well that can get a little costly with the price of Gas.

I love the Sonic Slushes ...and when we lived in MO ..well our local sonic was just a hop, jump and skip away and when I wanted a slush was just a minute down the road and a nice drive to boot ...cause the scenery was pretty . Here my scenery is dirt ..weeds and more dirt ..not exactly the type of landscape that tugs at your heart to take a drive in ..LOL !

Well at sonic my favorite Slush is Grape/Cherry mix ..ever since I was a wee one ..that's what I have loved and unlike candy "Nerds" and Sweettarts" I havent stopped liking them.

So to get my Refreshing fix ..I had to come up with second best ..make it at home ..But now on reflecting on my concoction ..I think it might be rated better Health wise.

My Favorite Grape Juice is Newmans ..I always buy the double pack at Costco ..the Grape isn't all watered down like the "Other" brands ..Newmans has got a nice strong Grape flavor.

So I poured a glass of grape juice ..( a glass glass that's the best) over a full glass of ice about 2 inches from the top ..then I added in some Marachino Cherry juice ..just about a tablespoon a little more maybe and stirred it in ..then put the glass in the freezer for about 5 minutes just until the top starts to ice over ..mmmm then lightly tap a hole in the thin layer of ice and beging drinking ..

Oh ...positively yummy !! It's my Grape/cherry Refresher... ! Try one sometime'll be hooked and guess what its good for your health ..and your heart !!


  1. Oh my Sara, this is so we are so far apart, yet so close together, cheers my Friend!

  2. Oh now that sounds like quite the drink!! We don`t have a sonic local, but I`m going to whip the kiddies and I up a batch of that up. No doubt they`ll love it!


  3. yummy for my tummy..sounds so good and refreshing..:)

  4. i just bought some grape juice yesterday, i don't like wine, and they say grape juice is good for you, so will see.
    i just commented on faded charm, she hosts the white wednesday and she just adds you on.
    have a great week, its 102 in the valley, hope you are staying cool.

  5. Hey there Sara,
    I did get your recipe for the dog food...and apparently we buy dog food that is already holisitic..but I love the sites you also gave that have the things dogs shouldn't eat..Thank you for sending this to us..our dog would love to eat our food..he is a foodie..and his name in Australia stands for Food...go figure...;0)

  6. *CHEERS*

    You're talkin my language again!!
    We love Sonic too-- they have the very best ice!! And now I'll be trying your slush!
    That jar of cherries looks delicious and LOVE PURPLE JUICE!!!

    Thanks for sharing Sara
    and hope your weather cools SOON!

  7. I wish you lived closer. Our sonic is .5 miles away...I'm with my lieb, Leah, their ice is the best. I'm going to have to try your recipe. Thanks for sharing!


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