Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A new pair of Shoes ..

Yesterday I went out shopping for some new clothes ..I recieved the 30% off coupon from Kohls and decided at that percentage off it was time to get some things I needed ..Shoes being a #1 for me.

Unfortunately I'm not the typical gal that has a closet full of cute feminine shoes ..How I would love to wear cute shoes ..But I was given a bad set of feet and over the years they have gotten so bad ..I can rarely find a pair of shoes that will even fit without causing dire pain.

First of all I have those dreaded hereditary Bunions any pressure on the joint of my big toes ..and I'm in pain. Then I worked in Antique Mall for several years ..and I did alot of lifting of heavy furniture ..and walked 8 to 9 hours a day on concrete floors ..I guess your feet can only take so much ..and mine got to that point Heels were in such pain I felt like shards of glass were being stuck up them ..and found that I had Plantars Fascitis ..(which basicly means the tendon that goes from your big toe to your heel is torn away) ..Yep your right Ouch !!!

Guess what Plantars Facitis sticks around ..there is no cure ..and well there are days I can barely stand for more than 10 minutes before I am in pain. So I started going to a Reflexologist which has reduced the pain greatly that along with ultrasound ..!

So I stopped in at one of the local shoe stores by my Kohls yesterday and saw the cutest shoes ..tried them on and couldn't even believe my feet fit in them ! Here they are below ..

Aren't these the cutest ..they are skechers ..complusions glide is the name of them ..and they look like a running shoe but they aren't they are actually just a casual lace up ..and they do have a little feminie flare ..they are light weight ...and the cut at the ankle is low ..which is so nice ..and they have cushion in the heels which I love ..! Of course my bunions hurt a little ..there isn't a closed toe shoe that doesn't hurt them ..but these only cause minimal pain that's great !

I've been wearing them all day ..and My feet are in less pain ..and so Happy's great to have a pair of shoes other than flip flops ..! Oh and I bought 2 pairs ..I figure when you find a pair that fits and feels good better get 2 ...LOL !!!

I did get some great buys at Kohls too ..a few new pair of winter pants ..that is if winter ever arrives out here's another 100 degree day !!!

Well hope you all are having a Great day ..!! Leave a comment anytime ..I love to hear from all my friends !!

Blessings ..Sara


  1. I love your new sketchers Sara! That was smart grabbin two pairs since most shoes hurt so much. ~ I'm a birkenstock girl myself. Hardly wear anything else. Have you ever tried them? I love their clogs the most.

    Okay, gonna go check out your latest drink! I've already spotted the word SONIC!!!

    Have a great evening!

  2. Well Sara I'll be running to the store :D

  3. Good buy! isn't it great to have shoes that are comfortable? when your feet hurt, you hurt all over...
    I am longing for cooler weather too...this heat is getting to all of us

  4. those are really cute, and look like they are light weight, poor baby, i am glad you found a way to help with the pain

  5. Oh, they are cute. Sketchers are so comfortable. I have a cute black and white pair and my feet feel so cozy inside!


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