Saturday, August 22, 2009

This Weeks Estate Sale Finds

Well ...we're at it once again ...I swore off buying anymore stuff ...but you know how that goes ..

So the toaster oven is on the brink and Abb and I would really like to have a food processor I get this e-mail for an estate sale on Friday ..and on the table in the picture there sits a toaster oven and a food processor .....awesome ! Well this Estate sale worked a bit differently being that it was in a gated community ..they couldn't actually have a sale so they let people in by appt. Well of course I forgot to call the first day they made appts until the late afternoon ..yet I was still excited to know we were getting in at 10:00 a.m. I figured everyone else would be there for the antiques I was pretty sure we were safe in getting these 2 little treasures we were after . I think I even said to Abb we are going for the appliances and nothing else ..go there get the appliances and we come home !!! She Aha'd me ...Yep I know what that means's a we'll see when we get there kind of answer . However I was quite sure of myself ..I had control ...and I was going to be in and out of this sale in no time flat ..get the goods and get out !

Ha ha ha ha on me !!! ..Well we got there headed for the garage where these jewels we came for were supposed to be and lo and behold they weren't there we inquired and sure enough some other soul must have been in need of the same 2 things ..because they bought them at their earlier appt. So now that we had that squared away ..Wait where was Abb ...Gone to the wind ..blown to and fro from room to room "just looking" ..

So I go in search of her ..and my eye catches these two little baggies with some sorta linen inside them that's looking real cute ..and a sticker on each of them that reads $1- ...."Here is where my meltdown began" ...I hate $1- ...that's the price I just can't seem to pass up ...the thought " Only a $1-" plagued my mind by this time ..I'm already digging into the packages and opening them to see what great treasure is inside ...and each held an old apron from the 1920's-30's ...that were just so darn sweet ...Now who could pass those up ...?? O.k. 2 bucks I'm thinking that's not bad at all ...I can handle that it's only a couple things ..

Well here comes Abb ...with the darn cutest cook book ...I'm a sucker for old cookbooks and this one ...well you'll see below it's way cute ..."SOLD" to the gal who wasn't buying anything ..LOL !!

O.k. Lets' just say ..we left the sale an hour and a half after arriving and and about $30- sucked from the grasp of my hands ...

We came home ..and all the way I was thinking how weak I am .....I collapsed under the pressure of a $1- sign ... (which I got over rather quickly) ...

So you're thinking well that's not bad was I ...Until this morning ..I roll out of bed come down stairs to find Abb bright eyed and bushy tailed ...telling me she was achy ..and going for a walk just didn't help with these kind of aches ..maybe we could go out saleing and the getting up and down and in and out of the truck would loosen her joints up ...I know too funny Hah !!! Yep I'm a good daughter and I took her ...and once again I crashed and burned ..gave in... was taken hostage... and crumbled like a fluffy cupcake ...Today I came home with a collection of old glass bottles ..and an old potato basket ...( I am so way weak !)

I'm sure you're saying so what about the processor and the toaster ...Nope didn't find em again today just wasn't our time just wasn't in the cards.... but 2 vintage aprons antique cook book ..a collection of antique bottles and an old potato basket were ...LOL !!!

I'm just a softy what can I say ...I'm a treasure tramp ..dumpster diving, estate saleing, flea marketing, junkie FOOL !!!

So Now for your enjoyment ..a preview of my finds ...and just so you know if you ever see something you want just let me know ..I'll let you know how much and you can say yeah or neah !!!

You're Kindred Friend ..Sara

(don't forget to click on the picts to enlarge)


  1. the aprons are so pretty on the maniquin..(?) and I have 2 of those eggs them one is square and the other like yours.both hanging on the front porch..I love the way you describe stuff you are too funny and I am right there with you sista for junking and TS and I love it all...:)

  2. Hi,
    I found your blog while visiting Artsy Fartsy, I had such a great time, I'll be back. I love vintage textiles and I just loved the aprons.

  3. Sara!!
    Cute aprons! Won't you two gals look smashing when you wear them!
    I so enjoyed your fun day. Sorry you missed out on the kitchen gadgets you had your heart set on but you sure did find other goodies.
    I love your cookbook and the egg basket is way cool that you have it all settin in. HAVE FUN with those bottles!!! THEY ARE GORGEOUS!
    Love how you took the photos with your dress form too. WHAT'S HER NAME? heehee
    Have a fab day!

  4. Loce your goodies, the aprons are great!! You have it all displayed so perfectyl, love your trash to treasure in the previous post!! Tootles, of to work, Janna

  5. Sara I love the goodies, the aprons bottles, and book are to die for. Chuckles, I think I could like that kind of work out Abb :)

  6. OH! You love family and you write wonderfully! I'm excited about finding you! ~Mindy


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