Friday, August 28, 2009

It's HOT !!!!!!

It's Hot ! (sorry I'm screaming) But ...
It's HOT !!! Scorching HOT !!!

We reached a blazing 109 degrees today maybe more ..Yesterday it was 110 in the shade and tomorrow they are saying 105 ..but it will probably be more like 110 again ..
I think I have said it more than once but I'm not a gal that likes the heat ...So I've been cooped up for a week now in the house ..trying to stay cool .. with 2 window air conditioners and fans running ..nope we don't run the whole house AC's an oldie and not a goodie so it costs an arm and a leg to run ..just a week of running it in past years and it pushes our bill into the triple digits ..and 1 week isn't worth that kind of money.
So the window AC's keep it liveable inside. I am so ready for winter ..I know all those of you who have those extreme winters are yelling "NO" right now ...Well I want winter just for my neck of the woods ..LOL ! ( Really I feel very blessed to have the window AC's and fans running ..I can only imagine those who can't afford to run anything or don't have it to run ..I'm sure they are just baking right I know I am so fortunate)
With all this Heat I guess one good thing has come out of it and that's been work ..I've accomplished several projects and can't wait to get listing them next week.
I went to Lowe's today to pick up some knobs for a cupboard Abb and I are re-doing and took time to just walk the aisles ..I found some cool things to incorporate into my projects and I'm so excited about them ...I love home imrovement stores it's just a great playground for the creative mind.
Hope all of you are having a Beautiful week ...Oh and I went estate saling this week I need to get picts of my finds to share with you all ..wait till you see this cute leather suitcase I got ..It's just to die for ! and The most Awesome Advertising plate from the 1800's that I'm going to be making into one of my memory keeps...Oh gosh ...Maybe I can get the picts of everything early in the morning when it's not so darn hot out !
Alrighty ..we are grilling some turkey burgers ..outside cooking in this heat so as to not heat up the house ...And I need to get hopping to help out.
Keep cool Y'all !!
Your Kindred Friend ..Sara

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to see the suit case and plate!!
    Hang in there chickadee,
    Cooler weather is on it's way!
    I wonder what the temperature is gonna be like in heaven. 70 year round with no humidity? Let's close our eyes and imagine the whirrr of angel wings as our cool breeze.
    Angelic fanning!!!
    smoochy holykisses,
    Can't wait to see those photos!


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