Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sweet Magnolias Studio Doll Workshop * New Class Fee *

Hello Dear Friends ...

As Many of you know I opened my first online workshop for Creating a Pictorial Sawdust Doll back in April. I started the Class out at a twenty five dollar one time fee ...and have had a beautiful response considering this is my first class.

Recently I have had alot of inquiries regarding the class ..however ..I have found that our tough economical times has hindered many of you unable to take the class because of the Fee. I know it's tough on everyone right now ..and We are all looking for things to keep us busy, that are fun and Yet are social at the same time from our homes. This Class allows you to learn some new processes right at home, allows your creativity to flow, and allows you to make new friends during the process by chatting with other members of the workshop.

I have decided to reduce the price of the class to $15.00 , I hope this helps many of you out that have desired to take the class and those of you who are finding it for the first time. The $15.00 a one time Fee... for the Lifetime of the class. You are provided with all the graphics and taught how to print them to fabric ..along with tips and tricks for the aging process if you so desire ...and I believe it's either 10 or 11 videos that I teach you the step by step process of creating your own Pictorial sawdust doll. Plus I am available at all times for any help you may need.

This Class will take you beyond making the doll when you let your imagination go can use the process I teach you to do a number of other creative projects.

Come Join the class when you get a chance ..and you'll be able to take those old family photograhs and make your "Early Finds Meet Modern Times"

Just click on the class Logo to be directed to the Main page of the workshop !

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  1. Good for you Sara, I think this makes a lot of sense in the times we are in.

    So many things to create and so little time. I can picture a group of Dickens type characters for the holidays. Mmmmmmmmmm :)


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