Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vacation Part II

Part II

~ Our Trip to see the Elephant Seals ~

Just a few miles up the highway north of Cambria ... is the place to go ! What an awesome sight !

This is the home or I guess I should say site of the Elephant Seals ..They beach here and there is a massive viewing area that you can park and walk to, to view the seals. And It was very busy with people coming and going to see them and take pictures.

The Beach area that the seals come in on all fenced off so they are untouched by us Humans ..which is all the better for many reasons ...Just viewing them is an awesome treasure...And considering some of these Seals can get up to 5,000 lbs I don't think you would actually want to get to close anyhow.

Right now is the moulting season for the Males you will see in the pictures that their skin does look a bit shabby ...

O.k. now for the pictures ...and remember if you want a larger view of any of the pictures just click on them

Yep all those lumps in the sand ..are the elephant seals ..sunbathing

It was just a crack up watching them sleep...see the one in the front left corner ..this was one of the largest the pict. it looks quite small ..but let me tell you it was massive ..and of all things it was laying on it's backside and when it breathed it's lips warbled as it blew out really made you laugh. The others around it all were laying on one another ...and ever so often they would use their fins and scoop sand and then they would throw it on themselves, I wish I knew how to take one of those quick picts ..where I could have shown the sand flying !

This Seal was headed in out of the ocean while we were there , among several others that were making their way in along the shoreline. It was amazing to watch them use the waves to push their bodies in as far as possible before they had to bodily scoot the remainder of the way.

Isn't this the sweetest ... a little guy ..sound asleep

This Guy ...really was throwing his weight around ...Just arriving from the ocean ..He made himself well known to the others ..and proceeded to bully each and every comfortable seal along the beach.

This is one he bullied and is quickly moving away.

Here two of the larger Seals ...began to Mock Fight. I guess they Mock fight with one another to prepare for the time they may have to actually defend themselves. It was amazing to watch them and see how powerful they are ..they would actually bite into one another and let me tell you if a person had been down there and that seal would have tried to bite them ...their jaws could have snapped a leg in half. Oh and yes they were doing this right by the baby ...

More Mock Fighting

Taking a bite out of one's neck !!! Ouch !

Finally the Baby has no choice but to move as this mock fighting is getting rather serious and coming it's way !

Here's the next wave of seals headed in to shore.

It's pushing off as the waves help it into shore.

What a Face ...!!! ...all the seals as they settled into the sand in their resting spot would take their heads and dig deep into the sand .....

Off in the distance ...from the seals ...stands a Beautiful knoll with a lighthouse upon it ...what a Beautiful Picture !!!


This was a great day trip and for those of you who may vacation to this area ..I must say make the trip it's worth it.

You know as I looked at these wonderfully majestic creatures ..the ocean that spanned beyond what my eye could see ..the sandy shores... The sun that shone down.... and the amazing view that surrounded me ...I was in awe of Such a Creation. I had to ask myself can anyone believe that this just happened ??? Is there anything in life that just combusts into something so awe inspiring ? Not to my knowledge. And I knew then and there that Once again it just proved that Our God is a Grand God ...making a world that is full of awe and wonder.

If you take your eyes off of the man made world that surrounds us and focus on all the things that are naturally formed to this world ...your eyes see God !

So Many people say How can I believe when I can't see him or hear him ? But He gave us eyes to see and gave us many intrical parts of himself all around us if we only look closely we can not only see him but we can touch him picking a flower ..touching the leaf of a tree, feeling the ocean on our feet, seeing the birth of a baby and holding it in your arms...and on and on

Did you know Our Lord Loves Blue he created the sky not any other shade ...he loves Green the trees that surround us reflect this in each leaf that grows upon them... Look a bit closer and you'll see that each animal he created is unique in style, shape and color ...which only shows that he loves variety ...these are only a few examples now you think of more .....

Now as I have been here on vacation ..I have experienced the ocean breeze that constantly blows ....and I can't see it but I can feel it... And I realized that once again God was with me ...In the wind ...I can't see him ..but I can feel him in my heart ..

God is all around us every day ...More than we even give thought too. Our daily lives become so accustomed to the man made world we live in that we only give thought man made this or that ..or manmade built this or that or created this or that new buildings go up ..and new signs are made ..and new clothes are purchased ..and new shoes (man made printed on them) are purchased ...and imbedded in our mind is Man, Man, Man, and God quickly dissappears from our lives.

When Have you recieved a gift of late that was God Made. A bouquet of flowers, a basket of Pinecones, a Puppy or Kitty, etc. etc. ???

Not often I'm sure ...and I guarantee they don't come with a tag that reads ..Handmade by God... If they only did ...!!! Just maybe we would think more often how if it wasn't for his awesome creation we wouldn't enjoy such beautiful treasures, Like the Ocean, the Mountains, the Plains, The desert, the animals, the flowers, and on and on and on.

Try and take a new and fresh look at the world around you ...even if you live in the big city a high rise will find God their too ...Man May try and blot him out ..but they never will because the work of their hands is actually the work of Gods hands...

Begin to see God all around you in a whole new way...

I remember when I was little my Mom would play a game in the car with me ..and she would point things out....and then I had to answer rather they were man made or God made ...Maybe as adults we need a little refresher try playing this game as you drive along and re-unite your mind with what's God Made and what's Man made .,p>
Go forth today like a Child !


I tell you the truth, anyone who will not recieve the Kingdom of God like a little Child will never enter it. MK 10:15


I Love the Lord, for he heard my voice;
he heard my cry for mercy.
Because he turned his ear to me
I will call on him as long as I live.
Psalm 116:1-2



  1. Oh Sara,
    Thank you for sharing your photos!
    I've never seen seals in real life ever! It must be quite a sight to behold! I'm truly amazed.

    Loved the scripture you shared as well!
    Happy Fourth of July!

  2. WOW Sara, look how awesome and majestic those seals are, I can't believe you can get that close to them. Just a beautiful sight to see them in their natural surroundings, thanks for taking the time to share it with us.

    You really can't deny a creator when you see all the beauty around us. Yes... God does like blue and green =)


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