Monday, July 13, 2009

Binding Up The Wounds


Do you ever feel like you need to be saved ? Do you ever feel like Crying out for help ?

I think we all experience this at times in life. Probably more now than ever with the hard times that have fallen upon so many.

I have heard it said countless times over the years, that when times are "Good" we humans, "Children of God" forget him, forget that all we are and all we have is because of him and begin to grow farther from him.

Yet when Death, Destruction, or Hard Times of any kind befall us we cry out for him, either pleading for help or mercy or healing or understanding and so on...because of the uncomfortable and even painful state we are in. Or we Lash out in Anger because we blame him for our misfortune or bad times that have emotionally overcome us.

I think it's a typical reaction we have as humans not only toward God but toward each other. Rather it's aimed at or received from friends, family, co-workers or even strangers.

Happiness just seems to flow with the Good Times and Unhappiness with the Bad Times. It's our nature.

My sharing this with you today all stems from my search in my Bible for scriptures on Healing. I know you are saying right now what does this have to do with healing. As most people think of healing as a broken leg or some kind of disease. But in many cases ..People just need healing from life. Not just physical wounds need healing but emotional wounds need healing. And Right now these times ..I think there are probably many with emotional wounds that are crying out for help and healing.

Well as I searched my concordance I was directed to

Psalm 147:3
He heals the Brokenhearted
AND binds up their wounds.

I thought it quite amazing that of all the scriptures on healing I looked up first it was this one ...Because to the opposite page in my bible my eye was caught by some scripture that was highlighted in Orange ..which I must have highlighted many years ago and I immediately realized it was connected to healing.

Psalm 145: 18-19
The Lord is near to all who call on him
To all who call on him in "TRUTH"
He "FULFILLS" the desires of those who fear him
He "HEARS" their cry and "SAVES" them

God helped me to see in these scriptures that there is a beginning to our healing.

Rather you are healing from a broken relationship, bad choices made, financial woes, emotional pain and so on.... We are told some Key things in these scriptures.

1. If you are calling on the Lord "he is near to you" (even if you don't feel it says he is take comfort he is standing by you or possibly even cradling you in the palm of his hand)

2. We must be calling on him in "Truth" ( to me this means that you must truly mean what you say not playing games with God, Truly being sorry for your sins and Truly desiring what is honorable and right in his eyes)

3. It says "he will fulfill the desires" ( right here we are assured he will take care of our desires) I had to ask myself what my desires are and are they in line with what God would want ?

4. We are told he hears our "Cry's" (Isn't this what so many of us need ? Our "Cry's" to be heard ?) Take comfort he hears and he's weeping with you and me. Just as when we are rejoicing in happiness he rejoices with us.

5. Lastly it says "He Saves them" ( do you need to be Saved ? or Healed ?) Then know that he shall save you ... Just continue asking.

If you read on to Verse 20 it reads:

The Lord watches over "All " who " LOVE " him.
Do you " LOVE " him ? I know I do. So I know that where I am at right now... Today...At This Moment ... in my life he is watching over me. I take comfort in that and my hope is that you will Too.

That brings me full circle in my search for Scriptures of healing to the first one I was directed to.

If you are brokenhearted ( and a brokenheart is not just specific to that of romance, But to that of any loss or pain) Then know He will Bind up your wounds as it says in Psalm 147:3

~ ~ ~

Once again my mind turns to our Human Nature ..and I imagine that since God made us so very alike in Nature, that like me you too have little patience and it can ware rather thin very quickly.

In Psalm 147:3 The "Key" phrase I realized was "Bind Up Wounds"

To me Binding up wounds doesn't mean the wounds are gone but they are being dressed with aides to heal them. The Scripture doesn't say the wounds are gone, that they have vanished. So I realize that Healing is a process. Just like a cut or a scrape that our bodies have been inflicted with physically..depending on the severity of that wound, the healing process "the binding up time" can be a short span of time or a very lengthy span of time. All depending on the healing process necessary for the individual.

This I believe applies to the "wounds of Life." So consider when you are feeling impatient and wanting the pain or discomfort of whatever issue in life you are facing to be over " NOW" ...that God's timing is perfect timing. The Bindings will fall away and the healing process will be perfect "IF ONLY" we allow him to bind our wounds, call on him in truth and he will hear our cry's and Save us.


Trust in the Lord with all your Heart
and "Lean Not" on your own understanding
In all your ways Acknowledge him(praising him in all things)
and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5


I think the Key to all of this is doing your "Best" each day. There is no doubt that our impatience will flare up and overcome us at times, that we will have doubts that creep into our minds, that our trust will waiver, and that the ever day disturbances of life will try to hamper the healing process.

But if each time these or any other issues come to mind or face us head on at any moment ..we must try our hardest to remember these scriptures and the promises we have been given and we will endure.

There's an old saying "Putting one foot in front of the other"

So dawn with me today your spiritual shoes .. and begin putting one foot in front of the other and claiming these scriptures for healing in your life. Bind yourself in the word of God.


May God Bless you and Keep you my Dear Friends ..

With the Love of God ...Sara

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  1. What a dynamic post Sara, honoring the Light of the world.

    I will put on my shoes today and hopefully every day knowing He is with me.


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