Friday, July 10, 2009

More from my Vacation

I'm finally back from our vacation ...and it was ever so nice...I spent so much time away from our room that I just didn't have the time to add my pictures to my blog while away ...

We Stayed at the Cambria Shores motel ..a Beautiful Place that is family owned I believe for 3 generations.

What drew us to this place was that it was " Dog Friendly " #1 and also that it sat right on the ocean.

I have to say that I have never stayed at a more welcoming place or more comfortable place away from home ..It truly was a home away from home and the Maggie and Scout just loved it.

I was amazed at how many others travel with their pets ..the entire 7 days we were there the place was buzzing with travelers and their pets ..from 2 little Beagles that howled histarically mixed breeds and eve a couple scotties just to name a few. Everyone had Doggie ediquette...Which was so refreshing ..and the motel ..really catered to them. From a Doggie basket that you were give on arrival with dog biscuits, a towel, a doggie magazine, and pet pick up mitts was just great. And to top things off an outdoor doggie bath was provided for everyone to wash their pooches in after a day at the beach with them ..(pictures of the bath are below).

For the Doggie counterparts .."Us Humans" ..well we were treated positively wonderful as well. During the afternoon you could stop in at the office and pick up warm baked cookies ...followed by evenings with H'orderves and then Yummy Deep Dark Chocolate Brownies at Night fall.

To the front of the property were Adirondack chairs and benches set up sit in throughout the day and listen and watch the rise and fall of the waves ..the passers-by , the surfers, and all the squirrels that lived in the brush (which were many). So while sitting throughout the day ..we could pop into the office for a treat while we sat and enjoyed the ocean roar and the warm rays of sunshine.

O.k. On to the pictures !!! and dont' forget to click on them to get a larger view ...

Above is a shot I took of the Center Garden at the Motel ..looking back to the rooms ..we had the room just behind the truck in the picture the far corner

This is another picture of the Garden from the front of the property.

This is from the street that fronted the property ...

This wood boardwalk ran the length of the oceanfront front of the motels... I would say it was a good 2 miles long ...and took you to points you could access the beach. or to High points you could stand or sit and overlook the ocean.

This is the motel again from the boardwalk looking up ..

This was a point down the boardwalk where you could sit on a wood bench under a tree and just relax and listen to the crashing waves.

At another point ..the boardwalk took you to an area you could climb down to the shoreline where all these rocks were ...and if you look closely you can see all the Seals sunning ...This was common every day ...The seals would come in and find a place on the rocks and make their way up on them.

Here was a few friends just hanging out together....

If you look closely or click on the picture to enlarge it can see the vast amount of rocks and that they are covered in Seals. It was so cool to see them. It really is awesome to actually get to see them up close ...And you could actually get close to the seals they weren't fenced off ..and the rocks had wonderful tidepools with sea life in them as well ...
I have more pictures coming some of my favorites that I can't wait to share with you stay tuned for more.
Hugs and Blessings ..Sara


  1. looks like you are having a wonderful vacation, we went to cayucos last sunday, for only one day, not enough time. keep relaxing!!!!

  2. beautiful photos the weather looks great..glad you are back..:)

  3. Sara I feel like I was there with you all. I love the beautiful pictures of the ocean crashing on the rocks...I only wish I could hear it too. I wonder what Maggie and Scout thought of the seals???And what they got out of the doggie magazine:)


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