Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Flossie Chronicles " 1 yr and counting" ..Tails of an English Springer Spaniel

It's hard to believe that Tomorrow will mark the 1 yr Anniversary of Flossie Finding her new home with us....
Yes 1 yr has passed since we brought that sweet little 8 week old puppy home and it's been such a wonderful and delightful journey.
Flossie actually turned 1 yr on November 19th ..
 She is growing up to be such a beautiful Girl ...
She's full of feisty fun ..and just loves to run. Having always had Retrievers of Some sort all my years growing up .. I must admit that I am truly amazed at Flossies speed .. She's like a Bunny on Steroids .. Her run is more like a hop yet unbelievably fast ..and her favorite thing is to run circles in the yard and have us chase her without ever being able to catch her.


She brings an amazing amount of Joy to our home and I can honestly see why they say that having a dog can lower blood pressure and bring health to a home. I can say that there isn't a day that doesn't pass that we are not hysterically laughing at her ... for some antic she's up to.. Like becoming a scrapper .. Yes all those lovely scraps that I cut away as I work on projects have become Flossie's love. She searches my work room each day for anything she can possibly find scrap related even if that means nosing through my scrap box and making a choice find .. She then saunters into the room with it hanging out of her mouth staring at one of us with those eyes that ask is it o.k. if I have this piece ? ... We then examine how valuable the scrap is to us ..and give her the o.k. or ask her for it back .. and give her something in place of what she's found. She then just carries it around until the novelty of that scrap fades and begins a search for another .. It's a bit awkward to say your dog is a lot like you and loves fabric .. I guess all those months as a puppy observing me at work gave her the idea that working with fabric is what she's supposed to do to .. ? Who knows but she sure loves the stuff ..LOL !
And her favorite treat is "Carrots" ... she "Loves" a whole carrot to carry into the back yard and chew on .. what used to take her 30 minutes now takes her about 3 minutes to eat ..but that's o.k. they are good for her and she so enjoys them. What's funny is when we eat a carrot and she looks perplexed . 

Our Sweet Girls is as quiet and content throughout the day as she is bounding with energy when we pull the leash out each morning for our daily walk. She is full of love..hugs and many a snuggles and still thinks that what is ours is hers even as many times as we have tried to convince her they are not... She still has some of her puppiness that needs to be molded into better ways such as jumping on us when we are all talking and she wants in on the conversation ..and we are working on all of those little things to mold her into a well behaved Girl.
Flossie is an absolute blessing and we are so thankful she is ours to Love and be Loved by.
Give your pet a hug today and show them some love ..they need it like we do ..
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  1. So sweet! Dogs really are the best....and mine LOVES carrots too. She has yet to get into my scraps though. :)

  2. Well, happy birthday to Flossie! She sure is a beauty, a super dog leaping tall building in a single bound. Haha! Sounds like she'll do you well and you are both blessed to have each other :)


  3. Flossie is one sweetheart! I think you are all blessed to have found each other! Fur babies are the best!

    Love ya and miss ya!


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