Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our First Sneek Peek for the March Vintage Marketplace ...

So Abbey and I are rushing about trying to cross our T's and Dot our I's .. getting ready for the next "Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks" ... on March 2nd and 3rd ...

I mentioned a week or so ago that Vintage Pink was on the agenda for March .. Every Spring Pink Makes it's way into the farmhouse inside and out .. and this year is no different .. So ..

I caught a few moments to grab some sneek peek pictures while Flossie was napping with Bunny ! ...

See she's in the pink mood too ...

Now don't forget to set your watches .. and marke your calenders for this very important date you won't want to miss it ..

Jaqueline de Montravel ...Editor of Romantic Homes will be arriving Friday Only with her new book " Hers design with a Feminine Touch" ..books will be available  ...

And of course you don't want to miss all the new Spring 2012 lines from all the Marketplace Shops !

So here's our "Sweet Vintage Pink" ..Sneek Peek ...

Enjoy !



  1. Beautiful sneek peek! See you soon, XO Christie

  2. Sara your work is as beautiful as ever.

    Flossie is just so cute, I could scoop her right up. Thanks for visiting, I miss you. <3.


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