Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye Blessed Year and Hello New Year !


A single word that truly sums up 2010 for Sweet Magnolias Farm !

The words in the image below could not be more perfect for how we feel about 2010.

It's been sometimes for us what felt like a long year and other times it seemed as though it was passing by in warp speed.

Our year of 2010 started out on a Bright note when Rita Reade of Mammabellarte contacted us and asked us to take part in the First Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace by her and Christie Repasy. We were stunned and flattered to be asked to take part with such fabulous artisans. We were on Cloud 9 and that's truly an understatement. Four shows later we wrapped up 2010 in December ...and were so unbelievably blessed to take part and meet such wonderful artisans and make great friends and customers !

The Chateau Show in march was immediately followed up with Papa Fred heading into surgery to do a re-do surgery to a botched surgery. We were told that no Dr. could perform the surgery to fix the problem until we met Dr. Turuya who told us he could do it and not to worry. He gave us hope and 4 days later he gave us what we consider a miracle a completed surgery with no complications and our papa fred healthy and whole and back at home with us. Although it was a trying time full of anxiety and concern and worry ...We were blessed !

The year was a full one and usually we were running behind, the house in an absolute mess and us in a tizzy trying to keep up with things ..Another show in May ..followed by Chateau in June ..Urban barn in july ...and by that time we thought we were going to have a melt down and a few I did have I must admit.

October rolled around and it was time for 2 things for Papa Fred to have his 6 month check up to see if his body had stayed healthy after his surgery. ..Once again we were on pins and needles waiting, wondering ...and once again A blessing came our way ..He was Clear everything was a success still and we were so Thankful once again !

Following that it was time For Glitterfest ..a show we were honored to be chosen for and take part in for the first time. Nervous is an understatement to how we felt ..but we did it ...and we were thrilled with the outcome and the show and can't wait for March to roll around this year for our second oppurtunity to take part again ..Glitterfest another Blessing !

We were absolutely crazy but ..a chance came along in sept. to take 2 Shops at a local antique mall, Treasures N Junk in Ontario, Ca ..and we felt we couldn't pass them up within 2 days of Glitterfest we were off painting , decorating and filling our shops with all sorts of Sweet Magnolias Farm Goods was Exhausting, but fun and Exhilirating too ! And our shops have been a success which makes our hearts happy ...and another Blessing that was given us !

December Chateau rolled around again ...and what a blessing it was ! Christie Held Pot Luck in her home Friday evening for all of us vendors was a fabulous time to connect and get to know everyone on a more personal level . Christie is so warm and inviting feel right at home her home and the marketplace that her and Rita put on is truly like none other we have ever taken part of. Warm, inviting, friendly and full of Love ! What a Blessing !

These last weeks ..leading up to Christmas papa fred unfortunately began having major issues with his gall bladder ..test after test was performed until the last took a turn for the worst and a wrong medication was administered almost taking his life. Once again we were blessed ..his life was spared and we again returned home with our dear loved papa !

Christmas ..The time to celebrate our saviours Birth give and recieve in honor of our Dear Lord Jesus. It was a beautiful time spent with Family ..and we are blessed to have family. We are blessed to not be alone in this world ..we are Blessed to have Jesus in our hearts !

Looking back at these Major Blessings we feel were bestowed on us ..I have to say that there is alot more blessings that we recieved ...

We were given good health,
We gave and recieved Love,
We were blessed with financial income ...something which is a great Blessing in todays world,
we had food in our cupboards and even had the great freedom of choosing what we ate,
we had a roof over our head ..air conditioning in the summer...heating in the winter,
Clothes to wear and new clothes we were able to purchase, Shoes on our feet ..what a blessing,
A Bed to crawl into each night,
the luxury of Television and internet service and to own a computer,
A Car to drive and the ability to fill it with gas and fix it when it broke down,
The Freedom of Loving our Sweet Jesus Open and Freely
I could go on an on about the everyday blessings that we had ..the blessings that go unnoticed throughout the year by the masses because they are expected things by Most. But in the True reality of this world and I'm sure there is story after story out there of those that once took all these Blessings for Granted ...AND They will tell you these are truly Blessings if you have them.

So as I say Good bye to this year of 2010 ..I say ..Thank You Dear Lord for the Blessings ! You Got us through the Ups and Downs provided not only our needs but you even blessed us with extras ! You gave us the Most Blessed Gift your Son ..and for that we will be ever so Thankful and Humbled !

And to all of our Friends and Customers who have supported our endeavors this year ..We say Thank You ...You have all been a Blessing to us from God !

2011 we come ..we're ready for a wonderful new year Full of blessings ! It's a new year with no expectations but one which we enter into knowing that Blessings will be bestowed ...It will be a Good Year ..because We can do all things through Christ who Strengthens us !



  1. I feel so BLESSED to have met your sweet family and I look forward to spending more precious time with you all. Happy New Year!

  2. I know this year is going to be beautiful for you...hoping all your wishes come true!!!

  3. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed New Year!!!!

  4. Sara, I am so glad to have found you through my friend Sandy. She gave me one of you gorgeous glittered roses as a gift when she came to visit in October. We then swooned over your Christmas tree made from lamp frames. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Charlene


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