Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Little Help in the Irritable, depressed, and cranky dept....

Well ..it's been a long while since I last posted ..I've honestly been so busy ...that blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat ..

As for my Title ..No i'm not irritable, depressed or cranky ....LoL !

Normally Like all my other good blog gals out there I try to keep our blog posts about our shows, shops, new creations and just light hearted fun stuff. However I wanted to share a light hearted personal side of things, That I felt would be a Great help to even just a few of you gals that might be praying for something to help.

If you suffer from irritability ( anger,frustration) , depression, fuzzy headedness, hot flashes, Night Sweats, Just the fabulous discomforts associated with Being a WOMAN ...and you are at your wits ends about how to get out of this funk ... Maybe you've even decided on HRT from your Dr. but hate the side affects (which are scary) ... "THERE IS AN A NATURAL AND SAFE ALTERNATIVE" As well this is for any woman any age ..rather it's your Young Daughter ..or your in mid- life or you have reached menopause.

No this isn't me trying to sell you a product ..I don't sell it.

I have used this product on and off as needed for about 14 years now. And every time I have needed it and used it I'm a new woman in just a few weeks time and by the time a few months have passed I can't believe the difference.

It's Progesterone Cream... I happen to use the brand I have pictured below "Emerita" This has been the brand that has worked beautifully for me ..but I know friends who use other brands are happy with it as well.

If your wanting an all natural help without all the chemicals that Dr.s seem to offer us ..without the scare of Breast or Ovarian Cancer that HRT creates ... Or if you suffer from those normal PMS symptoms every month ..and you hate it and so does your family ...Then I Highly recommend you trying this product or one similar to it.

I have suffered with sever bouts of anger, irritability, frustration, that fuzzy headedness that keeps you from thinking straight, along with all the other PMS sypmtoms... and as long as I use the progesterone cream I feel absolutely wonderful ...

Getting a little personal it even helps with the dreaded cramping that we women can suffer from.


You just follow the directions a small dollop in your hands, rubbed on your tummy, chest, inner things. arms, or bottom of feet ...once in the morning and once at night. Starting 14 days after your start... Until you begin again. OR for women in there menopausal years there is another set of directions ... Abbey uses it for menopause and it works wonders for her too..all those nast night sweats ...GONE !

If you want to read more about this product click HERE ...

To Find the best Online price Click HERE

I promise it's worth trying it ...you'll thank yourself and your family will thank you too ..and if your using HRT ...your body will Thank You !

So far the women that I have introduced to this product over the years and that have used it according to the directions all still use it today as needed. I've gotten nothing but positive feedback ..!

I hope that if any of you gals are out there suffering that you'll find help from this post today.
Wishing you all a Beautiful week ..
P.S. ... I'm posting the comments that you ladies have left pertaining to this blog. If you are a Gentelmen Or even a Lady ..and don't care to read or discuss Womens health "Girl Stuff " Please know that personal issues are being discussed and please feel free to come back when we post again. Thank You ...



  1. I had an episode of bleeding a couple of years ago, it wasn't that time of the month either. It went on for weeks so I went to my GYN and he DX'd me with fibroids. I'm not one to take prescription meds so I ordered some of this online and it worked like a charm!!! The irregular bleeding stopped and my cycles got back on track. Whenever I hear about someone have girly problems I recommend this to them also!

  2. I so totally agree! I read Dr. Lee's book about menopause about 10 years ago, and started using one called "Natural Woman". It really does make a big difference. The only problem I have right now is that I'm heading towards menopause, but not really in it. I can be regular for several months and then go haywire for several months, so I can't figure out the dosage. It has helped some of my friends too! Great blog!

  3. Hi Sara, LOL I have been using Pro Gest for a little over a month, my hot flashes are gone. I had tried Premrin and ended up with an Emergency D&C, then I tried the patch didn't like that either. So I hope this stuff keeps working.
    You and Ab are creating such lovely things. I see Maggie is doing her thing too! Best of LUck and I hope this is a very good year for you and your family.
    Hugs, Bev KSGP


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