Monday, December 27, 2010

Countdown till the New Year ..!

It's amazing Christmas seems to come and go so quickly to me anymore. I don't know if it's just me, but as a grow older the weeks inbetween Thanksgiving and Christmas seem so short. It's almost as if by the time you just get everything decorated and you begin to settle in and enjoy it it's over.

Christmas for us Sweet Magnolias Gals was just perfect !
We spent Christmas day at my Sis's home with her husband and children and her in-laws. Amazingly this family all the in-laws love each other ..and can't wait to see each other and catch up on what's happened since last seeing each other.

Christmas Day was just as it should be a time to enjoy family and give and receive a little and just relax .

We hope you had a Fabulous Christmas too !
Since Christmas you know those long 2 days since ...well what's a creative gal to do with a brain that just won't shut down...? Well Sunday I sat in my P.J.s and created some new graphics for our Flour Sack towels ...and prepared the towels with their new designs.

Today was spent cleaning and organizing our little studio area which looked like an F7 tornado had stopped in for a visit !

And of course got a few photo shoots in to add some more product to our Etsy shop ..

So back to work it is and I'm glad I do what I love because It makes work enjoyable and everyday I awake I look forward to what's next because it's always a suprise to me ..whatever the creativity bug gives me.

Here's a few of the new offerings I just added to our Etsy shop ...take a peek..

Early Tin Print Blocks

A couple of our new towel designs ...

To check any of these new offerings out HERE visit our Etsy shop.

Wishing you all a Beautiful Tomorrow !


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