Monday, March 13, 2017

The "Old Rugged House"...

This last week as I was out driving along a country road .. I came upon this "Old Rugged House"

It caught my eye and as I passed it drew me back.. I made a U-turn at the next road and returned to it.  I love passing old abandoned houses .. (although I wish they were still in use and being cared for ) it always makes me stop and think about who lived there, why it's abandoned and what life was like over the years in that house. How many families lived there and so on. 

Well this abandoned house was not without life even though one would think at first look that indeed it should be. .. No spring is upon us here and life is beginning to spring up all around this house .. from the green grass to the double jonquils blooming in the front yard. I imagine by now there's even leaves budding on all the trees. Beyond the life that was blooming .. I found another bit of life living in that house....

As I was walking up to photograph the double jonquils a bit closer .. and my feet came down upon the dried leaves and branches that had made their winter bed on the ground they made quite a crunching sound and out from the grass dashed a sweet grey cat .. leaping toward the house. I went about my business taking photos of the jonquils .. then I took a few photos of the house .. and to my delight .. that gray cat lept into the window and perched there so contentedly .. I'd say that's the old houses new resident. What a great home .. the perfect shelter from the weather .. and perfect grounds for catching mice I would say ... 

So although it's rugged and abandoned .. this old house is not without some life .. 
For me it's still a beauty to behold. I only wish I had the funds to fix it up and put it back in order .. and grey cat would still be welcome even inside. 

P.S. .. I shared these photos with the location in a local group I belong to on FB .. we all share photos and history about the area .. anyhow of all things a gal commented that her grandmother grew up in this house starting in 1921.. they lived through some hard times  but I'm sure there were fond memories as well.. why it's abandoned or who it belongs to no one knew.. but everyone had the same sentiment that they too wished they could fix her up.  

This sweet beauty is in the town of Nixa , MO..  just a hop, skip and Jump from where I live...



  1. Beautiful pictures:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. What a lovely old house, I am sure that in it's hay days it was buzzing with children in the yard and mama hanging clothes on the line . . . why I can almost smell the cherry pie that is baking in the oven :)

  3. When I see a old house like that I do think of those who lived there. How neat you got some history on the house. Poor kitty

  4. I dated someone years ago who grew up in Nixa, and he took me down there and showed me around. Beautiful country, and that house would tug at my heartstrings, too. It hurts to see them abandoned and crumbling. So glad for the cat!

  5. I also always wonder about the history of old abandoned homes. Sometimes I can imagine those who once lived there, hear their laughter and crying, and more. It is like a mystery novel or movie...

  6. Beautiful pics. Whenever I see an old home, I think of how it could be cleaned up, revitalized, and brought back to life.

  7. I would love to see it restored to its former glory.


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