Thursday, March 9, 2017

Farm Sale Finds .. Oh what Fun !

Well .. it's been a while since I was to a good ol' farm Sale Auction .. Since the last time we lived in MO and that was a lot of years ago. 

I've been holding back on going .. but I couldn't resist any longer .. LOL !

So one of the first of the season was today so Abbey and I decided to go give it a looksie.. Well you know you just can't look .. Especially when these 2 gals have a love for vintage linens .. 

We walked up to the auction getting there a bit late and 2 auction rings were already going so we wandered around to see what was coming up through the day and to what did our wandering eyes appear but a big 6ft. table loaded with vintage linens and lace... So we figured we would wait a bit and bid on them .. Ha ha on us .. 3-1/2 hours later and the very last thing to be auctioned off they got to the linens .. and yes we waited .. by the hour and a half mark we figured we were in it to stay. 

Anyhow we were thrilled to come home with quite a stash .. Including some vintage ladies clothing from the 40's .. a Navy and white polkadot farm dress ( seen in top pict. middle back) that's a keeper .. a huge box of vintage baby clothes and some amazing glass shakers .. I don't know why but I love those clear glass antique shakers .. 

Well now to turn all these fun finds into some amazing one of a kind pieces .. maybe an apron, a clothes pin bag .. pillow .. who knows the old imagination will kick into gear and well Voila something will come of it all .. 

enjoy a few quick snapshots I took ...



  1. Love the salt shakers!! Fill them with glitter...or salt! 😍

  2. Oh my goodness, looks like you all found some goodies:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Every single auction I have been to, the linens are literally the last thing left to be auctioned. I think the men auctioneers can't imagine linens to be important in any way.

  4. What great finds. I know I never do that kind of thing anymore. I sure miss it!
    Enjoy your treasures.

  5. You found some great treasures. Happy Weekend.

  6. These were great finds, have fun with your treasures!

  7. Love those little shakers!!!


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