Saturday, October 29, 2016

Update on Flossie: Tales of an English Springer Spaniel

Well I wanted to give a latest update on Sweet Flossie. So many of you took the time to pray for her and send well wishes when she was so very ill this year that I thought we should share the Good News too.

Flossie is doing Amazing ! Especially considering her original diagnosis of less than a 50% chance of living due to having AIHA. She's living proof that Lots of prayer, love and Good Dr.s , medicines and natural supplements have been a blessing to her body.

I took her into ER on April 24th of this year ..and here we are at October 29th ~ 6 months out. She is only on 1 medication twice a week .. along with natural supplements.  So far her blood tests have been good .. we are up for another one here in a week or so just to make sure all is still going well. From her energy level and appetite I would say she's doing pretty o.k..

The picture above is from this week. We were on a little jaunt out in the country and she was so Ornery ... wouldn't sit still for the life of me. Just look at those eyes .. she knew she was being a handful. After the picture I let her go and she just ran her little heart out back and forth across the field until you could see she was winded but smiling ear to ear. We got back in the car and she had some water and took a nice nap coming back home.

Anyhow so far so good .. April 24th of 2017 will be the 1 year mark we are shooting for with no relapse as well we don't know what caused the onset of her disease so it could have been something as simple as the spring grass pollens etc. So we'll continue praying and building up her body with good things and hope that she's one of the lucky ones that lives a long life and never has a relapse again.

Thanks again for all your wonderful prayers !

Until next time ..



  1. Sooooo happy for you that Flossie is doing so well. We adopted a basset hound back in April of this year and after rescuing him we found out he has a very aggressive cancer and they only gave him weeks to live. We were so heartbroken that we saved his life and then found out he had terminal cancer. To our delight with lots of prayers, and a wonderful Vet our little guy is going on month number 5 in total remission. I think sometimes it is the love that keeps them going. He is so happy to have us for his new family that I think that gives them such will to live too. The Vet is so pleased with how well he is doing. So like Flossie our little guy is hanging in there with us too. So big hugs from our Cooper to your Flossie. Love that they are defying the odds. They are such blessings.

    1. Such a sweet story. Bless Cooper and Flossie and the happiness they also bring to their guardian's.

  2. Thank you for giving us an update of Flossie. So nice to read that she is doing better.

  3. So glad that Flossie is doing so well. I am so happy - they are like out children. I know how much I love Waldo and Lili.


  4. Well that is a happy post:) Flossie is precious and I am SO glad that the prayers were said and heard! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Love the photo of Flossie.....looking good!

  6. I am so happy my tail is wagging!!


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