Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Fall Y'all .. have you decorated ? or do you need some inspiration !

It's a Beautiful Fall day here in Missouri. A Crisp cool morning turning to a warm sunshiny afternoon. 

We had our first Fall favorite breakfast this morning ... and Oh boy was it ever delicious. Buttery Croissants and Piping Hot "Hot Chocolate."  
We've been enjoying fall in our new home state. Slowly watching the leaves turn color on many of the trees from green to yellows, oranges, and vibrant reds. Other trees are already bare with just the twiggy branches showing now... and it's amazing to see what's on the other side of those leafless trees. The trees in this part of the country are very dense and it gives you the impression that there's a deep dark forest through that stand of trees .. but ultimately as the leaves fall and make way for a view you find homes tucked in hillsides and open pasture land with cows and horses grazing away in the sunshine just on the other side. Fall opens a whole new world of splendor to take in here. 

Well I hate to say it but we're still searching for our Home Sweet Home. Honestly just never thought it would take this long . We missed out on two homes we really loved ..and it was our fault we just thought a bit too long about them and they sold. So we've been back on the hunt but due to the fact schools back in and it's fall headed into winter the market has slowed way down. And what we would really like in a home just hasn't presented itself yet. So we are patiently waiting to find the right place. It's a lot of money to spend and you kinda want to get it right and not be sorry for rushing into something and it not suiting our needs for home and work. We'll get there ..all in God's time !

In the meantime we have been enjoying pinning beautiful fall photos and decor ..

So do you all have your houses decked out for fall ?

If not and you want to and just need a bit of inspiration well we have loads of it for you ..

Abbey recently started this new board...

You can visit "Autumn in Rustic White" HERE

You can enjoy a 3 year compilation of
 some traditional fall decor ..

Then come visit "It's Fall at the Farmhouse" HERE


"It's Fall Y'all"  HERE

And if you're looking for some fun way's to say "Howdy" or just give someone a big smile rather they're visiting or just driving by your home ..

Then come visit our "Scarecrow and Friends" HERE    
This collection should give you some amazing ideas and inspiration for creating your own scarecrow 

I can't wait till we finally get settled in to our own Home Sweet Home once and for all .. I tell Abbey all the time this is it .. I'm never moving again. And she tells me Never say Never .. LOL ! I know she's right but I'm still going to say it .. Anyhow... I was saying I can't wait to get into our home sweet home .. I've collected some cute old dresses and old straw hats and umbrellas to create my own one of a kind fall scarecrows .. I've got so many things I'm waiting patiently to do and share with y'all ... 

Until then come visit us on Pinterest  HERE
we have lots of new boards with ooodles of inspriation

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Hugs and Blessings Dear Blog Friends



  1. Praying that you find the perfect house:) I haven't done much decorating for FALL yet! I need some inspiration! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

    1. Thanks Theresa .. thanks for stopping in .. ! Always a pleasure to read your comment ! Happy Fall ..

  2. Your Pinterest boards look so fun - can't wait to visit! Hope you find your 'forever home' soon - I agree, you really need to 'get it right'. Thanks for sharing. Keep cozy. xx Karen

  3. No decoration at the farm but the trees and leaves shower beauty daily. When I want decorating fix, I always visit your blog, Sara. It gives me pleasure to see the beauty you make with your hands and heart. (Yes, I am well but it was a shaky few weeks; many thanks for asking.)

  4. We are decorated for Halloween. I will do fall / Thanksgiving next month. Oh, I had hot chocolate the other day too. You are right, in God's timing, you will find the PERFECT home.


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