Friday, July 5, 2013

Things our Mother Taught US.. A little Laugh for the weekend ..!

Happy Friday to You all ...!
I hope you had a beautiful 4th of July Yesterday and are enjoying a lovely beginning to the weekend ..
Yesterday Morning Abbey was on Pinterest and she read this so so funny
"Things Our Mother Taught Us "
See if any of these applied to you as a kid !
Enjoy !

 Hope this put a smile on your face and gave you a good chuckle !

I can't say my Mother taught me all 21 of these things but a few for sure ..but  I knew kids that grew up learning all 21 of these and I'm sure they could have added to the list LOL !

I do remember Learning Medical Science... being told not to cross my eyes or they would stick ..

I also learned Stamina over a cold plate of food at the dinner table that I didn't like and wouldn't eat .. Thank goodness for brothers mine snuck back and ate my food when no one was looking at least on one occasion for me.

My Mother taught me other fun things .. Like the day she decided to make vegetable stew for us and my brother and his wife. It had been a cold rainy winter and my brother had been out of work so she wanted to take them a big pot of stew but my sis-in-law didn't care for corn .. So mom stood over the pot on the stove and tried to figure how to add the corn in without getting it in the portion destined for my brother's house .. Her deduction was that she would just put 1/2 a can of corn in the pot....... and it wouldn't be in their half .. ....LOL !!!  Mom has had some doozies over the years .. and that's what makes her mom .. Lots of good Memories and stories to tell ..

So did you learn any of these or any others we can add to the list ?



  1. Boy did that bring back memories... My mother used a lot of those sayings. Now I tell my son when he tells me about what his daughter did - well pay back is a bugger, isn't it. LOL He just rolls his eyes.
    Have a terrific weekend.

  2. This gave me a good laugh! Definitely recognized a few of these.

    Amy Jo

  3. love it!! yes, I think i may have heard or said a few of these! LOL!

  4. He He, Ha Ha.....All of the above! Except mine wasn't spinach...I hated kidney beans, they looked like large bugs to me. Blessings~~~Roxie

  5. So very true! Lost count on how many I've heard or said.... :o)

  6. This made for a great start of the day. Being an advanced Senior, I remember all 21 being said more than once.

    Thanks for the memories and a healthy laugh. Of course I repeated them to my children, such wisdom.

    I always enjoy your blog, I live near you, have a wonderful weekend Neighbor. Blessings, Brook


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