Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Summer Already ??? It feels like it ..

It can't possibly be Summer Yet ... Please No ... !!!
But it sure feels like summer here today .. we're doing a little baking and it's not in the kitchen a nice warm 90 degrees F
Looks like it's time for snoozing and cold treats for some... for a few days while we bare the 90 degree temps ...
And Flossie already knows just what to do ...
Flossie tried adopting My chair and our couch for a place to lay her head during the day we offered her up an extra sitting chair we had that sits just by the sliding doors and looks out on the back lawn ..which she loves so she can keep a look out for cats.
 Such a character she is .. We put the chair together and she gets in .. and with her front paws pulls down the back cushion and then turns around and lays on it and slowly goes off to sleep land. .. I suppose it's the perfect place be it cold or Hot .. she can snooze and keep track of everything from one spot.
And what's better on a hot afternoon than a nice refreshing , crisp, cold Carrot right from the icebox...

Flossie Loves her Carrots ..she usually eats one every day or every other day ..this is her afternoon treat ..that she chomps through in about 2 minutes flat. Sometimes she'll eat half and then save the other half somewhere in the yard and goes back for it later ...

Above it was a hard choice .. the carrot or the cat ... right after I shot this photo the cat won out and off to patrol the yard she went .. and about 2 minutes later she was standing at the door with her carrot asking to come in to eat it .. Our girl just doesn't like the heat in she came and polished off her carrot in the cool of the house ..
Flossie's pretty much full grown now .. and she's a pistol .. Full of energy that never quits but keeps me laughing and smiling all the day long.
Right now she is attending her 3rd set of obedience classes .. which is learning to be obedient with commands while being distracted ..that means by people, children, balls, other dogs etc... and we're making small steps to getting there. As long as we are at home or on a walk with no one around she is just perfection at all her commands .. but when we enter in the world's a whole other story ... LOL ! She's doing good though and so so smart ...
Give your pet a hug today .. they need our Love just like we need theirs. There's nothing like the beautiful and unconditional love of our pets.


  1. What a cute, cute pup! I'm afraid we are the owners of her nemesis, Abby, the cat. The thing is, Abby doesn't know she's a cat and actually behaves more like a dog, so maybe they would get along -- Abby would never wander into Flossie's space, because she is an inside only cat.

  2. Oh she is so cute! We are having weather in the 40's today, which is so strange for Florida....I can't wait for the true spring weather.

    Amy Jo

  3. What a sweet girl you have! I've just reached down at my napping old girl and gave her a little pat. Mine is pretty much attached to my hip. If I go downstairs, she is bouncing along right at my side. If I go in the car, yup, she's there too. Everywhere I go, she is there with me.

  4. Hi Sara, I know... summer already!! I think Mother Nature is having hot flashes and forgot about Spring...Hotter today 93º. Hope it cools off soon. Never thought to give our dogs carrots, we are going to try that for a snack.

  5. Hey sara flossie I so cute I haveb2 littlebdogs myself theybare always by my side, I, m new to blogger , just wanted to say hi, love your blog n you guys make beautiful stuff .


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