Saturday, March 23, 2013

Country Wisdom Or Rural Pearls ...

Growing  up in the country ... I of course grew up with Country Wisdom ..and Makin Do !
Rural Pearls is just a fancy name for Country Wisdom..
I thought it would be fun to search out some of that good Ol' Country Wisdom and share it here on the blog for those that may want to reminisce about their day's growing up hearing their gram's or gramp's or mom's and pop's share a little snippet of Country Wisdom and for those who may have not had the pleasure of growing up with these genuine Rural Pearls and will enjoy reading them for the first time.
The great thing about Rural Pearls is there generally kind and just full of honest to goodness truth and wisdom ..
I added a few of these wise pearls to these cute labels below .. Feel free to print, pin or share them ...

For More fun Rural Pearls ... visit our "Rural Pearls" page.

If you have a Rural Pearl you would like to share with us ...Leave a comment with it .. we would love to add them to our Rural Pearls Page..

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