Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sweet Magnolias Farms' First Sneek Peek ..for The Vintage Marketplace ...

Well it's only a few weeks away ... and we are feverishly working here at the farmhouse on all sorts of new offerings for the Next Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks ..

And Here at the Farmhouse ..Our Theme is a "Honey of a Farmhouse" ..

Taking a walk back to the wonderful Era of the 1930's - 1940's ..when times were simpler made do and the Colors of the Feedsack and Flour Sack fabrics filled your home ...from Old Metal Cannister Sets set ablaze with thier Florals in Red's and Blues .. To Tables set with Red Trimmed enamelware ..and the Laundry line filled with old feedsack Dresses. 

 Beautiful Aqua's Reds, Pinks, Greens and Blues .. Colors that  make the heart Sing and Smiles fall upon faces !

So here's our First Sneek peek for the Marketplace....

 Our Upcycled Vintage Laundry Cart. This Original Vintage Old Green Rustic and Tattered Metal Frame ..was rather lonesome without it's laundry cart bag .. So we Created a wonderful Vintage Style Patchwork and Vintage Lace trimmed removable bag to fit it with perfection Created from fabrics the reminisce the feedsack fabric era .. and our Sweet Magnolias Farm Touch .. of vintage lace .. It's Oh So Charming !

So don't forget ..set the Date ... June 1st and 2nd ..both days 9-4 ...

We can't wait to see you all there !



  1. Love this sweet thing!:) chris

  2. Definite sweet perfection Sara!
    I'm SO WITH YOU... in the 30's and 40's. I love everything from that era. There used to be a candle factory in these parts that was in an old school house. They had painted the office for the candle place... an apple green color and when I inquired the lady told me it was a 30's color.. and called it apple green. It reminded me of jadite and I didn't want to leave... I enjoyed the color so much! SO inviting!
    I loved what you wrote me recently about your memories of the old trucks and that you remembered wing windows too. haha My olde truck has the vent near the floor just like you talked about that you could open for more air. Myguy has it plugged up with rags for me though because I'm afraid I'll find a snake in my truck with it left open. lol
    I wish I could come to the marketplace. You'd wipe out my pocketbook for sure! I love everything Sweet Magnolias farm! ESPECIALLY SARA AND MISS ABBEY ;)
    Tell your Momma Happy Mothers day! Holykisses xoxo


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