Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sweet Magnolias Farm Sneek Peek #3 for the Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks

We are counting down the days here at the Farmhouse ..until the next Vintage Marketplace....

9 Days ..till the Fun Begins and the Shopping Commences !

So here's another fun sneek peek what's in store for you at Sweet Magnolias Farm ...

You see all those Yummy ruffles ... Yep those are Sweet Magnolias Farm's Signature Runner's and Towels .. New Designs ..New Sayings... and Yep .. A whole lot of Farmhouse color !

Oh .... And here's another tidbit of news ... Sweet Magnolias Farm .. Will Not be in there normal space ..nor in the space we were last time ... We're on the move again ! ...

We'll still be towards the back ... But we'll be under the trees and towards the general store side of the park ... So Don't fret if you don't see us in our normal space ..we're there ..just come looking for us ...!

The last time we changed spots ..I thought a few gals were going to hyperventilate that we weren't there ... and For Heaven's sake we don't need that now do we !

So if you haven't marked your calenders Girl ... Your slacking ... Get em marked ! .. Go down the Market ..Grab some Chips, Some Dip ... Some Soda's .. Maybe some popcorn, Ice Cream, or other treats .. Maybe throw in a footlong Subway Sandwich .. and You'll make that Sweet Hubby a Happy Man at home ...while your crusing down the road to the Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks !....

And Don't forget .. Bring ... Your Market Cart .. ..Bring your Cash and Your Personal Checks "Cause not all the gals selling are equipped to take credit or debit" ... Be sure and invite a friend of bring your mama or your sis ..Grandma and Aunty too ! ... And come down and spend the day under the Oak trees in the park with us ...

You say what about Lunch .. Well don't forget there's good eats at the Restaurant at the park .. Snacks at the general store for those inbetween times your feelin a twinge of hunger for a snack cake...

And If your runnin near E on the Gas Tank ..Yep you can fill'er up right at the Park at their cute little 2 pumper !

So see we got y'all covered !

Just Come and Enjoy ..Friday June 1st and Saturday June 2nd from 9a.m. - 4 p.m. both days !

Until then .. Smile .. Cause Happy's on it's way only 9 more days !



  1. Oooh! I see some pretty fabric in there! Can't wait to see what yummy things you girls have made. See you next week!

  2. I see my colors all over!! I may need to runners. Can you make me two by next week? A 6' plus and a 5'plus. lol Lovely fabrics. Ciao Rita


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